Rotate Your PDF Files Easily With GogoPDF

Rotate Your PDF Files Easily With GogoPDF

Many of us have experienced a situation where we receive an email or an FB message containing a PDF file. Still, after opening the file, all pages appeared sideways or upside-down. It is difficult to fix this problem, so sometimes, we return it to the sender to fix it before sending it again.

Dealing with situations involving fixing or editing PDFs is hard to deal with since PDFs were configured as more rigid to edit than any other document file extensions. There are online websites we can rely on specifically for these matters. Unfortunately, some require a premium account with payment, while some are free but very hard to use. But don’t worry, there is still one web-based tool that you can use: GogoPDF.

GogoPDF Provides the Help You Need

GogoPDF is an online website providing these types of services. If you are still trying to find an online website you can use, you can stop it now. GogoPDF allows these PDF rotate kinds of jobs without returning it to the sender to do it for you. Aside from giving you the power to do these things, GogoPDF offers it for free, without hidden charges you should look out for.

Unlike many other websites in the online market, we can say that this website is unique among them. Despite being free, you should not worry about the privacy of your files undergoing edit because GogoPDF values the trust given by the users and has its privacy policy and security option protecting the customers’ confidential files.

Easy Steps You Can Follow

Being free is not the only benefit of using GogoPDF. It also boasts four easy to understand steps for the users. The process begins with selecting the PDF files you want to edit, or you can also drag and drop the file on the toolbox you can find above. After that, you can now rotate your PDF file.

The good thing about it is, the website’s online tool allows you to rotate single pages or multiple pages or rotate all of the pages simultaneously. You can turn your file within 90 degrees or 180, clockwise or counterclockwise depending on what would suit your needs.

When you are done, save the changes you have made to the document. The website will process your file, then you can download it, or you can send it to someone else and recommend GogoPDF as the one you used to rotate the PDF files.

The Website’s Customer-Focused Features

GogoPDF aims to consistently provide free and faster but secure services to each user and customer. Upon opening the website, you can see the four easy steps instructions in a larger font to be seen clearly and followed diligently. It makes the website garner trusted and loyal computer users for it.

As said earlier, it features multiple rotation options that enable the user’s to rotate the PDF within 90 degrees, clockwise or counterclockwise. Whether you wish to turn only a number of pages, GogoPDF allows you to make a choice.

Alongside this multiple rotation feature, all of the edits you have saved in the PDF can be saved permanently on your folder as long as you click the “Apply Changes” button.  You also do not have to worry if the website will work on your computer or not, because it supports almost all the popular operating systems, like Windows, Linus, Mac, etc.


It also works well with other devices such as laptops, tablets, and computers and is compatible with famous browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox. With the website’s security policy, you do not have to worry about your file anymore. After rotating a PDF file, the server itself will find and delete the files you had used after an hour.

Having able to do all the processes within the Cloud is also an advantage of using GogoPDF. Because of this feature, the website does not require any download of software applications for the task. All of the processes will be saved and done entirely within the Cloud. GogoPDF only requires a fast or stable internet connection for it to perform quickly and well.


Many websites offer to rotate your PDF files for you. However, many of these websites are scam sites, while others require you to have your premium account and cost you money. GogoPDF is right up your alley. It requires no payment aside from your stable internet connection and assures your task’s fast but secure performance.

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