Reasons why Cloud Encryption is Important for Every Business

Reasons why Cloud Encryption is Important for Every Business

One of the main concerns about storing information in the cloud is that the data is not as well protected as physical facilities. That is a fact. To maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your information, it is important to have preventive measures such as key encryption.

Since it is started using the cloud, you have had the same doubt, are these platforms secure? Even the most secure clouds present the possibility of vulnerabilities that affect those services, which could put your information at risk. Over time you have learned to monitor them and keep cybersecurity at acceptable levels. Part of this advancement in cloud cybersecurity is encryption.

The way of working is becoming more diverse and differentiated. At the same time, the increasing degree of automation and the use of mobile devices are placing increasing demands on IT. The importance of cloud solutions is growing accordingly. The possibility of organizing business processes via the cloud and the internal degree of digitization of companies create essential advantages, especially in times of crisis.

There’s so much going on the internet that one can see a possibility of knocking your privacy off. Cloud encryption may be at some point gets compromised if proficient hackers will be able to penetrate then will eventually get some vital information. Well, if this problem arises, one can get help to get a Data Breach Compensation to get a good turnaround. One example is the Easyjet Data Breach Claim where millions email addresses were compromised by highly sophisticated hackers, this viable act can be used by criminals to commit further crimes. 

But not all clouds are the same. Depending on your needs, the use of a public cloud or a private cloud can make sense. It is therefore important to have an individual strategy – from choosing the right cloud solution to implementation.Learn more about encryption key management here.

 The administration of the services takes place accordingly within the company that uses them. The offers are usually accessed via the intranet or a secure, private network connection. This makes it possible to select and restrict the group of users. This means that only authorized employees and partners can access it if desired. This guarantees data protection and security requirements.

For companies, cloud encryption is to be understood as a type of IT outsourcing. You rent external IT infrastructure, software licenses, and IT services instead of buying them yourself.


Cloud encryption offers companies a number of advantages.

  • Costs only arise when using it: The number one advantage is the flexible scalability of servers or software licenses to a changed order situation. This allows you to adjust your running expenses quickly.
  • Increased failure protection: Cloud encryption is characterized by the significantly higher reliability of computer systems. Your risk of losing sales or lost work time is significantly reduced.
  • Higher liquidity: You rent the hardware and software and no longer have to finance the investment yourself.
  • Digitization of processes: By switching to a cloud solution, you reduce the IT process complexity in your company: maintenance work, updates, and other IT tasks are carried out by the service partner.
  • Increased security: Your data is located in particularly well-protected buildings. 
  • Focus on your core business: You can concentrate on your core business tasks and no longer have to worry about IT infrastructure tasks.


  • Datacenter, this is how you get rid of your server room.
  • Desktop-as-a-Service, this is how you work from anywhere.
  • Digitization gives you space for workplaces instead of rooms full of files.

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