Quintin James And Confidence

Quintin James And Confidence

Fashion Confidence

As a professional entertainer, industry professional, runway coach, and fashion choreographer I get asked a lot “how do I be more confident, like you”. This is such an interesting question that is not easily explained, to answer this ever-growing question I have to go back to the beginning so you get some perspective.

I was not always this confident in fact it was the complete opposite, I was a very very shy kid that kept to myself and didn’t really talk to many people, only had a few close friends, and lacked a lot of self-confidence. It was the performing arts and time(years) that allowed me to find myself and build my self-confidence, which can be conflicting because the performing arts is all about being judged, right. As a performer your teacher/ coach is always judging you, at comps, the adjudicator is judging you, in exams, you are being judged, and even by your peers, you are being judged. This all can sound very scary I know. But it all depends on how you look at it; see perspective plays a big part in self-confidence. I learned early on that individuality and self-expression is not a bad thing in fact it’s a great thing to have, see standing out from the crowd is what gets you noticed by your teacher, the adjudicator or examiner, and your peers so I spent a lot of time working on my true self.

Learning to listen and trusting yourself are very important tools that we all need to work on, for some it comes easy for others it’s hard work but believe me it is very rewarding. When it comes to fashion, pageants, or the runway, standing out is what sells you, it’s your brand and it’s what will make you a success. Look at the most famous designers, models, and leaders in fashion they are the ones that took the risk and followed their own path and creating their own destiny. You can do that too, there are no limits.

Find a style of clothing or design that speaks to you or colors that you love or anything that allows you to represent yourself and wear it proudly without explanation, not everyone has to like it and that’s ok the most important thing is that you love it. Be positive in the things that you do and learn from every experience so you become a better person. Remember there is no one like you, you are unique and that is amazing so present that uniqueness to the world every day, and the world will love you for it.

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