Prepare Your Ship Right for Transportation

Prepare Your Ship Right for Transportation

Buying a new boat from a far-off boat show in a special deal is exciting but shipping your boat to your hometown is an overwhelming task. Though it seems a difficult task, boat shipping is a very common and easy practice. All you have to do is prepare and plan your boat shipping well. 

Before we discuss the tips to ship your boat safely, let’s first discuss the possible ways of shipping your boat internationally. 

  • Shipping your boat on its own trailer
  • Shipping your boat on its bottom
  • Ship on a yacht transport 
  • Overland Shippingwith a professional boat hauler

Here are a few tips from the best boat shipping companies associated with Moving Feedback to prepare your boat for shipping:

Measure the Exact Size of Your Boat

You should know the exact length, height, and width of your boat to determine the shipping cost right. Also, make sure you include all the measurements of extended external dimensions of protruding parts like swim platforms, motors, and/or bow platforms. You may even need a shipping permit from the U.S. Department of Transportation to ship your boat and for that, you will need to have all the right measurements. DOT easily gives clearance to boats of road height up to 12ft. Boats that are over 8ft6” wide are also considered oversized. Though boat transportation permits vary from state to state, you may need special clearance permits for oversized boats.

Winterize the Boat

The exterior of the boat should be cleaned and dried properly after emptying the water out of the drain plugs and the air conditioner. Don’t forget to latch and tape the cabin windows of the boat. Safely wrap your boat in canvas or plastic to keep it from bumps. Though shrink wrapping is an expensive option, it can provide extra protection to your boat. Your boat will be saved from dirt, road debris, bird droppings, and even hail. 

A wooden boat can be protected from getting dried by applying linseed oil to it before transporting it on its custom cradle. 

Make sure you inspect your boat well before the boat transportation company collects your vessel. Consider taking pictures to document any existing damages. Also, take pictures of dismantled parts so that you can assemble them right once the vessel will reach its destination.

Remove Personal Belongings

Though you should remove all your personal belongings from the cabin boat, it is wise to ask for a list of prohibited items from your shipping company to be sure. Make sure you remove all external parts of your boat including propellers, antennas, electronics, radar transmitters, screens, outriggers, lights, store safety, and anchor. Also, disconnect batteries and remove any cargo from the boat, and fuel from the tank. Make sure you store the cables right so that they cannot contact. 

Voyage Insurance 

Confirm the voyage insurance option from your boat transportation company. It is important to get your vessel, insured to have a damage-free and safe transit. 

Talk to Your Boat Shipping Agent

You can talk to your boat shipping agent and learn about various ways by which you can ship your boat. Trailers, cradles. submersion or containers are some common ways to ship a boat. 

Know about the customs clearance, port fees, and taxes well in advance and before loading your boat for shipping. Make sure you know all about the customs rules of the destination country and complete all that paperwork. It is important to prepare all the required documents for the country. Shipp the boat somewhere. You can contact the embassy to know about the customs regulations and documents including a copy of the boat title, bill of lading, bill of sale, shipping documents, and also import permits in some cases.  

A boat transporting agent can help you in preparing all the required documents for your international boat shipping. They can also guide you in each step of the boat shipping process. 

Choose Right Shipping Company

Make sure to choose the right shipping company and confirm the company is registered as a freight forwarder/non-vessel operating common carrier with the Federal Maritime Commission. Ensure the company. A good shipping company will help you with all of the details related to the transportation of your boat. 

A boat is an expensive asset. Cherish and preserve it at all times. Especially when shipping a boat, you must know the right way to keep it protected. Hope this guide helps you prepare your boat for a safe shipment. Always remember that the key to the safety of your boat during transit is to pack it right and choose the best boat shipping company. You need to be vigilant, ready to research, and then only you can have a safe boat transporting experience.

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