Pdf Conversion Software -The Revolutionary Helping Hand

Pdf Conversion Software -The Revolutionary Helping Hand

PDF or portable document files are one of the most popular formats of files used worldwide when it comes to form types or any other printable data, which includes diagrams or pictorial representation. But a PDF file, once created, is not allowed for editing as the primary purpose of a pdf is meant for viewing only.

Now a PDF file also needs a separate PDF viewing application like most other documents files. An essential PDF viewer can only allow you to view the file without any editing features. Only a limited number of pdf editors are available in the market. One benefit of a pdf file is that the document’s formatting remains the same when viewed on any device.

Another primary reason that makes PDF the favorite file type among users is its conversion property into other file types and vice versa. For instance, a pdf file can be converted into a word file using a pdf converter to word or any other similar document type easily using relevant conversion applications.

Open Source Web-Based PDF Editors 

For basic editing or quick conversion of a pdf file, everyone prefers to use freeware to complete the work. Such applications are widely available on the internet in two significant modes of execution. One is the web based application, and the other is downloadable applications.

 Let’s see some general steps involved in both these editing techniques first.

  • Web-based applications need you to visit some websites on your browser first.
  • Once the website is loaded, you will find an upload button to upload the pdf file you desire to edit.
  • It may take some time before the application is ready with the file for editing. Once the file is opened, one can start editing with the editing toolbox provided by the website.

Every other website has its own set of tools to provide, like some may allow editing the original content while others generally don’t. Usually, pdf editing does not change the original content, but some new content can be added quite easily. Adding text, images, or erasing some parts of PDFs are some general features provided by free web-based pdf editors.

Downloadable Open-Source PDF Editors

On the other hand, a downloadable application may work combined with your system’s configuration to provide additional features over the web-based application. Downloadable applications require the space and resources of your system to run. So they are preferred only if you have continuous editing works to do.

  • Applications suitable for the system need to be downloaded and installed on the system.
  • After this, open the pdf file using the application.
  • The application will load the file and provide the editing toolbar it has to begin with.

 These applications can also act as pdf viewers of your device and you do not have to install an additional pdf viewer in the system to read any pdf document.

How PDF Converter Applications Reduce The Workload?

Many PDF converters are also available for public use, similarly in both browser-run and downloadable apps. Now PDF conversion is a very different aspect. In the conversion process, all the pdf elements are converted individually to the desired format like word format or ppt format, for example. Conversion factors depend upon the similarity in the formatting pattern of the two file types.

There are several file types in the list that can be converted into a PDF, or any PDF file can be converted into. If you are unaware of the possible PDF conversions, then a list of some popular conversion is provided below:

  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to PNG
  • PDF to PPT
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to BMP
  • PDF to GIF
  • PDF to TIFF

The reverse conversion of such formats is also possible.

Many websites are available that can help you convert a pdf file into other desirable file types. You need to upload the pdf file on the website and choose the file type you want to be converted into like a word document. The web application will do the rest of the work and provide you final output file in word format to download.

OCR Technique Making The Conversion Possible

Optical character recognition is the technology that makes it possible for the computer to read the characters in any document. In simple words, it is responsible for scanning the pdf or any other file such as image, or ppt, etc., and read and records the characters in the buffer. The software is then programmed to read the buffer line to line and enter the characters in the converted format with utmost perfection.

Companies like adobe provide many applications that come with the OCR feature to scan documents using the camera. The software recognizes the written data from the camera’s images and provides you the feature of creating a pdf using the data collected. This is an easy way to convert any physical document into a digital document using the device’s camera.

Investing Money In A Pdf Converter

A paid PDF converter can provide you multiple benefits over the open-source ones.

Firstly, paid alternatives are much secured than freeware in terms of keeping your data confidential. When you upload your file on a website or an app, the backend can keep your file saved in the system, and the admin can access the file if you wish to.

Speed of conversion is another factor that matters, as free apps can take a lot of time to process the file, while paid converters can provide the high-speed conversion. Many free apps limit the number of conversions and may later ask you to pay eventually.

Many additional features included in the toolbox can be provided in the paid software systems, which can further reduce the efforts required. If you are looking for a pdf converter for an organization, then paying for the PDF converter can be the right choice for business-related documents.

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