Organize Your PDF File With The Use Of PDFBear

Organize Your PDF File With The Use Of PDFBear

In this pandemic, most of us are staying indoors to protect our families from the virus that keeps on spreading. The new world has forced people to do their jobs at home to protect their employees. The new tool for working at home is MS Office programs and internet connection because everything is now being done online.

People use different mail apps to send their reports, work, and presentations to the other person. That’s why most of us convert our files to PDF to have them secured and safe from alterations. For PDF editing and organizing, you can use the PDFBear website, which is very safe to use. Here are some tools that PDFBear offers aside from conversions.

Split Your PDF With PDFBear

Sometimes in your work life that your supervisor or manager wants you to split your PDF files when the file is huge, and you want to save enough space not only for your desktop but also for your email or simply separate unnecessary pages. PDFBear has the solution to your problem by clicking the tool button; you can see the Split PDF file.

There are four simple steps for splitting your PDF file. First, upload your file to the website by clicking the select file button. Second, choose the pages you want to split by clicking the pages. Third, click the refine pages you have chosen and export them to individual PDF files. Last, download the files to your desktop, and then you’re done.

Merge Your PDF File With PDFBear

When you encounter a problem like your folder is too messy because of different PDF files and want to reduce it and make it one for you to save more space in your hard drive, the merge PDF is the tool. Merging a PDF might be difficult, but thanks to PDFBEar, everything is being done easier by following these simple steps.

First, upload the different PDF files you wish to merge; next, wait until their PDF merger combines all the files into one. Afterward, you can modify your files if needed, and when everything is done, you can press the Combine button. Last, you can now download your merged file to your desktop or Google drive.

Delete PDF Pages With PDFBear

If you have encountered that some files sent to you by your colleagues are unnecessary and can be deleted, then the delete PDF pages tool is the best for you to use. You can quickly delete some pages in a file that has no use to you and might add up to your space. Below are the steps you can take note of for this tool.

First, choose the file you want to edit and remove some pages from. Next, when the file is uploaded, select those pages you want to delete and click the apply changes. Afterward, wait until the updated PDF file is done, then click the download button where you can download the new file to your desktop or even to your Google drive.

Repair Your PDF File With PDFBear

When downloading a PDF file or if many users overuse the PDF file, there are times when your PDF file can be corrupted and can no longer be opened. The PDFBear has a tool that can easily fix that problem quickly by the Repair PDF. Here are the simple steps for you to follow.

First, choose that corrupted PDF file and upload it to the website. Next, wait until PDFBear is done by analyzing and uploading your file. After if they verify if the file can be fully recovered, or some can not be recovered. When done, you can click the repair button and can download that file to your desktop.


For any PDF file problem, try using PDFBear because they are experts in PDFs and can quickly assist you with all your needs.

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