Not All Weight Loss Is Through Diet And Exercise

Not All Weight Loss Is Through Diet And Exercise

There’s an old saying, that you should not judge a book by its cover. Very few people learn to follow this rule in their real life. When it comes to weight loss or gain, many of us make assumptions. We see someone who is fit or slim and we assume that they’ve been dieting and exercising. We see people who are overweight and assume the opposite. Here are a few cases of weight loss that aren’t through diet and exercise.

Genetic And Autoimmune Disorders

Many people have genetic disorders and other diseases that can either directly cause weight loss or indirectly. A well known example is Avant singer fat loss—the R&B artist lost a lot of weight after being diagnosed with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). It is an autoimmune disease that the medical community still has no cure for, and there is little known about the cause of this disease. Other diseases that may cause weight loss are hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and many others. Sometimes, unintentional weight loss is considered a symptom that can help doctors make a diagnosis of a particular disease.


More and more people are diagnosed with depression nowadays. There seems to be an epidemic of depression in most developed countries, which is likely due to the increasingly fast pace of life and the disconnection we have from our communities. Nonetheless, depression commonly causes suppression of appetite, which is likely the cause of weight loss in many who suffer from clinical depression. 

It’s not the only psychological disorder that causes weight loss. Anorexia and bulimia are also common psychological disorders that can lead to weight loss. Treatment for these disorders is not simple nor is it easy, but most patients who recover also gain weight.


Last but not least, sometimes people lose weight simply because they do not have enough food to eat in the first place. This might sound like a problem you would expect to encounter in “third world” countries, but it’s just as common in western countries. 

Drug Abuse

Despite some drugs that lead to people having the “munchies”, whereby they overeat when they are on a drug high; many drugs cause suppression of appetite. If you think of the stereotypical portrayal of a drug addict, they are usually skinny and frail. This stereotype is based on truth because many drug addicts lose weight rapidly, due to a higher metabolism, suppressed appetite, and even something as simple as forgetting to eat.


While healthy weight loss and getting fit should always be based on a balanced diet and regular exercise, many people lose weight for a variety of other reasons. Never assume that weight loss is as simple as it looks, because you might be shocked to find out that the weight loss was unintentional..

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