Need to know about Homeland series a review

Need to know about Homeland series a review

Homeland is one of the top-notch popular seasons aired on our screen. It is Israel based TV series for prisoners of the war.

Claire Dane played the role of a bipolar CIA officer turned into a private citizen. Claire’s acting is very mature and elegant.

The storyline of the Homeland series grasps the full attention of the audience ending of the 8th season left many questions for the audience. These unsolved queries let the people thinking of coming another homeland season 9. Season 1 plot has many twists and turns it revolves around Nicolas broody spy of Al-Qaida and Carrie a private citizen a spy.

How things ended in season 8

The story unfolds slowly in all the seasons. The homeland series did not wrap up at a definite end. This season left many questions to the viewer US president killed in Afghanistan and Carrie sent to investigate and retrieve data from the flight records.

Carrie asked to collect information by all means even she had to kill Saul she will do the job.

Carrie captures Saul and tortures him and threatens him about killing his life.  She got information through Saul’s secret USB and flees from the country. In the final season, she lived in Russia with Yevgeny and had released a book about the CIA and Edward Snowden.

She sent an encrypted message to Saul indicating it’s from her and season end on this. The conclusion was not satisfying to the viewer they want the complete ending to the story.

Is there going to be season 9?

Many people have a question in their mind is there going to be season 9? The answer might disappoint you it’s probably a no.

Although things are not so black and white. According to the co-creator Howard Gordan, “never say never. All of us are happy with where we ended the show and the series. Another chapter doesn’t feel necessary at the moment.

The story ended well both the characters grow on their terms and now living together and have managed to make life outside the hectic work routine.

Extending the story at this point is not just to the script. It is a good show finished timely with a message.

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