Need for construction equipment and its uses

Need for construction equipment and its uses

Construction equipment was commonly used only in large construction sites due to their large body and weight. But now the equipment is available in smaller sizes to fit inside the small area. The site may be small or large, but the type of work is common for both. Construction equipment can even include small machines such as chain hoist, trolleys, vibrators etc. large construction equipment are hard to operate, so skilled operators are required for operating the machines. There is numerous construction equipment that is in use presently for finishing the work in a limited time more effectively and efficiently.

Machines used in construction

Machines are available for all types of work on a site. They are mainly utilized to help in the quality, safety, economy and timely completion of the project. The different machines used are

Mini dumper

The mini dumper is a 4 wheel drive vehicle that has a loading weight of 250kgs. This vehicle can be used for carrying cement bags, bricks, small construction tools, sand and stones in and around the site. They have accessories like extended sides, power lift, ball hitch, etc.

Concrete pipe truck

Concrete pipe trucks are used to pump concrete wherever needed. These pipes are used even if the area to be concreted is at a certain height with the help of the tubes provided. The usage of this machine reduces the need for manpower and saves a considerable amount of time.

Hydraulic mobile stone crusher 

This machine is used for crushing and screening stones for the construction of roads, bridges, buildings, metallurgical, mining and energy industries etc. the materials crushed using this equipment are coal, copper ore basalt, marble, iron ore and slag. 


Excavators are large machines that run on wheels, but it is advisable to run on tracks considering their weight. The excavator comes with a long arm attached to a pivoting part which can rotate 360 degrees. The long arm can only be operated with experience and skills. The uses of excavators are destruction, excavating trenches, foundation and dugouts, rough grading, material handling, heavy lifting, mining and pipe installation. The types of excavators are dragline, bucket wheel, long reach, crawler, wheeled and compact.

Self-loading concrete mixer

A self-loading mixer can load and mix the required quantity of sand, cement and aggregate to mix automatically. As they mix during the transit and labour is considerably reduced. The mixer comes with compact designs that are reliable and fully automatic that can do high-performance concrete mixing.


Bulldozers are the strongest and heaviest machines in the construction industry to move dirt from the site. They have wide blades in the front that are controlled by two hydraulic pistons. Due to the heavyweight, a bulldozer can crush anything and anyone in the way of its operation. So it is better to stay away from when the bulldozer is operated.

Small equipment 

Small equipment is also used in construction. Some of the equipment are trolleys, small pavers, vibrators, chain hoists, tamping rammers, wheelbarrows, etc.

Advantages of using equipment in construction

Improved quality of work – the usage of the equipment allows the engineer to finish the project with minimum quality defects.

Profitability – since the quality is high if we use these machines, the clients are satisfied with the output, which leads to profit. The other main advantage is that it reduces labour and time that also add up to the profit.

Timely completion – a single piece of equipment is capable of doing the work of many workers in a short span. This makes it easy for the contractor to complete the project on or before the promised time.

Multi-tasking – the equipment is capable of doing various tasks, which is an advantage in terms of productivity.

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