Must-Have Features For On-Demand Apps

Must-Have Features For On-Demand Apps

In the past decade, the extensive popularization of mobile technologies has directly shifted the control into users’ hands. Day-to-day tasks can be easily performed with some taps at your home comfort. The growth of the mobile market has also brought along various benefits in terms of on-demand app services. 

The on-demand app service connects customers with numerous service providers and vice versa. It offers a faster and more convenient process and makes their few dollars in return. This app covers different sectors and consumers use them to get their hand on various products and services. Nowadays, on-demand apps can range from grocery, food delivery, laundry to personal health services. Airbnb, Uber and Zomoto are some examples of popular on-demand apps. 

If you want to build an on-demand app for your business, you need to integrate some features into this for getting a successful app. 

Top Features of On-Demand App

Statistics show that over 80% of businesses trust on-demand app development to encash the growing market opportunities in the eCommerce sector. But, only suitable functionalities and features can ensure a successful app in the end-user market. By integrating highly functional and essential features, business owners can enhance their service efficiency. Here are some features for both customers and service providers. 

Features for end customers

#1 – Payment Gateways

The easy and secure payment feature is a vital part of an On-demand app. As a business owner, you need to ensure the integrated payment function is fast and reliable to carry streamlined checkouts. While online payment is popular, limiting your customers to specific payment options can never be right. This is because everyone doesn’t need to have the same payment option. Not only credit cards, debit cards and net banking, but virtual wallets are beneficial for better sales as well. 

#2 – Customer support

Having happy and loyal customers is essential for getting a successful business. For that, you need to integrate a customer support function in your on-demand application. This feature provides immediate help in case the customers come up with queries related to the requested services. By providing support features, you can assist your customers even at odd times, improving your customer service model. 

# 3- Promo codes & referrals

Attractive promotional offers have become terms in the on-demand service domain as such deals benefit both service providers and customers. Customers get a profitable deal on their desired service while businesses gain increased revenues. For their strong customer base, businesses launch various promo codes and referrals. 

#4- Geolocation and tracking

Geolocation and tracking are the essential features of on-demand app development. Adding geolocation and tracking to your mobile app can be very reassuring for your customers. In this way, the customer can be attached to the courier, delivery person and the exact location. Even if customers wish to change the delivery time or date, they can easily do that when they constantly update their products or services. 

Features of service providers

#1 – Availability options

Service providers can willingly decide to operate within specific timelines and targeted regions using the available features in on-demand apps. It allows service providers to focus on their business strategies and manage the workflow accordingly. 

#2 – View customer rating

If you want to see any king of improvement in your system, you need to target customer ratings and services. By accessing customer ratings and reviews, you as a service provider can significantly boost customer satisfaction by offering a personalized experience. 

#3 – Service provider’s account

As a service provider, you can access the operation dashboard to facilitate different service requests from their customers. You can quickly sign up or log in to his/her account through his/her email, mobile number, or any social media account for added convenience. 

#4 – Service information

Detailed service information allows business owners to understand better and determine customer requests and serve them accordingly. This on-demand app with a service information feature must automatically provide the service providers with service estimates, pricing and ratings. 

The Bottom Line!

If you get to the point where you are ready for your on-demand app development, make sure to get in touch with a dedicated mobile app development company. They will work with you to create a successful on-demand app that’s just right for your company, and that will best serve your customers. 

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