Mobile and remote file server access

Mobile and remote file server access

Whether you are part of a sales team or a field engineer working at the construction site, file server mobility will enhance productivity and efficiency. It will form a perfect connection between mobile and office workers, and they can make plans and strategies for boosting up their business. Many employees are working from home or remote locations. There is no doubt that remote work will be a part of nearly all businesses in the coming years. 

No matter what, all the employees will want mobility in their work to share and access files without any difficulty. The files and folders should be at their fingertips, but the business head will want them to be as secure as possible. It is challenging to achieve mobility and security while sharing mobile and remote file server access. The good news is that there is a way to combine both of them and get the best results.

CIOs demand control over secure access

The corporate data has to be confidential, and the first thing the CIOs will want is a secure remote access for their files and folders.VPN is usually considered the standard method for sharing and receiving files when employees work from home or remote locations. It has turned out that using a VPN can be costly due to tickets, and the efficiency for workers will remain very low.

Employees looking for productivity

CIOs are concerned about the costs going up and the security of the data. At the same time, employees are looking for enhanced productivity and efficiency when working remotely. They will look for easy sharing and collaboration with fellow workers and business partners’. Employers will prefer using Google Drive, Dropbox as it makes file and folder sharing easy and efficient, but the security worries never go down for the businesses.

Triofox solution for remote access

Triofox is the best solution for mobile and remote file server access. The best thing is that it will make the process secure and have all the solutions your business has been looking for. Triofox will bridge file servers and cloud storage to bring out secure remote access without even using the VPN. Triofox will also leverage cloud storage for making things convenient for secure mobile file-sharing or a browser. You can easily access many files and folders within the web browser, and it will be much more interactive than the desktop drive. 

Enhanced Productivity and speed

The remote access file server will share files and folders from the drive letter without using the VPN. The speed will enhance, and productivity among employers will increase. It will give limited access to files as the major control will be in the business owner’s hands. The best thing is that Triofox also forms a hybrid development among local file servers and cloud storage. It can be converted seamlessly to the cloud only, and the users can have the best out of it. Triofox is also connected with office 365 integration when documents are edited from the web browser.

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