Mistakes to avoid when choosing a Granny flat builder in Wollongong

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a Granny flat builder in Wollongong

When you are looking for a builder there are many builder services that offer these services but you should not rely on all of them. Selecting a builder may be a tricky task with serious consequences. Granny flat solutions want you to make the correct choice and that is why they have listed 7 mistakes that you should avoid when choosing a granny flat builder in Wollongong.

1. Selecting the wrong type of builder is the most common mistake – If you are simply converting the existing garage or shed into a granny flat, you need to be searching for a service that the Builder offers. Many builders deal only with building or constructing new granny flats. But there are others who do both.

2.Some Services will be providing quotes without complete information – They would not be 100% transparent which is indicating the hidden costs. To have a detailed plan of the project on the quote does not mean it is transparent. When selecting a granny flat builder, ask for a comprehensive quote always that covers everything from beginning till the end.

3. Cheapest is not necessarily the best – it is in human nature to go for cheaper options. In the case of getting a granny flat built, you can not compromise from any quality and cheap services use low-quality materials that aren’t as durable. Do your market research and aim for a service that fits your budget. There are builders that offer top-notch services at very competitive rates.

4. Get familiar with certain terms to understand the plans and quotes better – if you don’t have any knowledge about granny flat terms, it will be difficult in determining what is being offered and what your options are. Your builder will realize that you are informed about granny flats fairly and will offer you only beneficial options.

5. Make sure the Builder is experienced in all kinds of granny flat solutions – in terms of construction even more than elsewhere the seniority, experience, and know-how of the professional, who will accompany you in the project, are the criteria on which it isn’t possible to compromise.

6. Skipping reviews of the builder service is a big mistake – the reliability and experience of the individual granny flat builder will still be looked at, but the best way to get a good builder is still word-of-mouth. If a builder is competent and reliable, he will have a good reputation.

7. Not knowing who is building your granny flat actually is another mistake to be avoided – the team that you had contacted initially, might not be the ones building the granny flat actually. They might have provided you simply with a quote and hired as a contractor builder for the job. To avoid such a situation, confirm that you get the contact of the one who does the physical work. This must be outlined in the contract also.


The granny flat builder or the corporate company emphasizes customer satisfaction without being profit-oriented. They always bring the newest and the best and set the standards very high in terms of success. They use technological and innovative solutions in every sector in which they operate, providing the customers with optimum quality and service with maximum benefit.

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