Marketing trends that stay on top of the attention in 2021

Marketing trends that stay on top of the attention in 2021

Digital marketing is improving every year. Especially we have especially seen a rise of e-marketing space after the pandemic. All of the offline businesses try to get a good presence online and that’s why digital marketing trends are changing fast. Today, we will share with you marketing trends that can take your plan from zero to hero. You’ll learn on how to increase your followers numbers on Instagram, Facebook or other platforms with easy tweaks.

Induce a sense of scarcity and urgency

Continuing the conversation about old-fashioned but still brilliant marketing psychology tricks, one cannot fail to mention time-limited promotions. This method makes your ad stand out for your customers and motivates them to make a purchase. In this way, you can easily achieve a temporary increase in the conversion rate.

Be as mobile as possible

People have become completely mobile. Most of your traffic today comes from mobile devices, so you should adjust all your marketing campaigns, including social media ads, online banner ads, emails, and social media posts for mobile users. In recent years, more than ever, people have made spontaneous purchases with their mobile phones. Don’t miss out on conversion chances from a poorly designed and unresponsive mobile website or marketing materials.

According to our list of digital marketing tips, a good mobile website design or even a standalone mobile app that would be a logical extension of your company’s website is a must. A prime example of responsive mobile commerce design is the Etsy platform.

Etsy has a simple and minimal design that is intuitive for both desktop and mobile users and doesn’t overwhelm customers with unnecessary details. The mobile version has large text size, easy-to-read fonts and easy site navigation with easy-to-access search and visual icons.

Practice social listening

Social listening is a marketing method from which any business can greatly benefit. This is the best way to improve your customer experience and improve your overall product experience.

By listening to your users, you can promptly respond to their concerns and prevent negative product reviews. What’s more, this approach increases customer loyalty as people begin to feel like they are being heard by their favorite brand.

Monitoring brand mentions on social media allows you to gain valuable insight into what the public has to say about your brand. And trust me, this is the most honest review to help you rethink and improve your user experience strategy.

Introduce a chatbot

Chatbots play a very important role in customer service today. They not only help users, but have become a simple tool for increasing customer engagement. The chatbot is a territory for new marketing experiments, opening up new opportunities for smoother and more human communication between brands and customers.

Your chatbot can respond to your site visitors using non-trivial phrases that make the interaction more fun. Imagine a chatbot that jokes with you like a real person or speaks slang. It can be a much more interesting form of communication between the company and the customers.

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