Mail-Scraper- the unlimited world of emails!

Mail-Scraper has the most comprehensive database of emails with over 400 million of companies and their employees’ emails as mentioned in Mail-Scraper website.

This email database is updated every day to add more new emails. It consists the emails of both companies and employees.

However I should mention that in addition to checking the email source, Mail-Scraper investigates web pages in real time as a double check for every client’s request.

Email finder or email verifier!?

Mail-Scraper has provided both email finder and email verifier. Email finder is also known as email extractor and email verifier is also famous with various following names: email tester, email checker, and email validator.

Mail-Scraper’s email finder checks its offline email database and also online web pages in real time to find the correct form of each company email. Company names are given to the email finder by the client in an excel file. However if the clients wants the email of only one company, the name is written in single part of the site.

The latter, I mean email verifier acts differently. It gets a company email and checks the accuracy of this email. Syntax check, DNS lookup, and SMTP verification are done on every email.

Wrong emails have no value and may send us far from many great deals.

It is worth mentioning that every email that is found by the email finder of Mail-Scraper is checked too to be real and true. In one sentence I can say “no wrong email is provided by Mail-Scraper” based on my own experience and what I have read in Mail-Scraper website.

Reach real business people!

All emails are checked and verified through various strategies and algorithms of email verification in Mail-Scraper.

Mail-Scraper validates emails in real-time to reach real business people and companies. It also keeps your sender score safe.

This is the best way to enrich contacts to target prospects through sending a message to correct email addresses.

Single & bulk services

In single services of Mail-Scraper, one company name is changed to its emails while in bulk services, lists of company names in an excel file is uploaded and converted to a list of company emails.

In both cases, all emails of companies are found. Both of them are very fast and provide the most reliable and accurate results.

Faster yet more reliable!

Reliability and quality are not the only reasons that have caused Mail-Scraper to become and remain famous. Moreover, the high speed of Mail-Scraper in converting company names to email addresses has a great role to attract clients.

Both the email finder and email verifier of Mail-Scraper finds company emails in the shortest possible time. I mean within seconds!

Free options!

Every new comer of Mail-Scraper can test 25 free requests. It is as a gift to new potential clients and helps them to ensure the quality of services and see how they work before signing any contract.

Other pricing plans of Mail-Scraper offer various numbers of requests and are all lifetime. The prices are competitive and less than other similar email finders and email verifiers.

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