Loyalty programs at live casinos

Loyalty programs at live casinos

One really good way of differentiating online casinos is by analysing the packages you get as a customer. After all, most of them will offer similar online casino games and a comparable gaming experience. Because of this, it can be difficult to know how to choose between one or the other – check out Thunderstruck 2 free spins.

However, signing up to an online casino site goes beyond playing slots games and winning jackpots even if that’s the overall objective. It’s crucial to first gauge the User Experience (UX). This will indicate how well you’re going to be looked after all the time you’re online on that site.

This is done by offering regular rewards and bonuses to the site’s users. These may be welcome promotions, free spins, or reload bonuses. Essentially, clients need to feel valued and the online casino has to provide a great service.

So how can online casinos let their users know that they are valued, to avoid them signing up on other online casino sites?

Offering loyalty bonuses

As with any customer-focussed sector, loyalty bonuses and VIP programmes are so important. That’s why supermarkets offer points for you to shop in their stores, clothes shops offer you store-cards to get discounts, and airlines offer you air miles. People need to feel valued, and then they’ll keep coming back.

It’s fundamental for online casinos to retain their customers. There are so many online casinos out there that they simply have to stay competitive. It’s so easy for gamblers to sign up to a different site, the incentive has to be there from the start that they see it as beneficial to stay with a site for the rewards system available.

What kind of loyalty rewards exist?

Each different online casino will offer different types of loyalty rewards. It’s important to always read the terms and conditions when you’re signing up on a site, so that you can see exactly what’s on the table.

The most common types of loyalty bonuses are the following:

·         Free spins or extra spins

·         Personal invitations to take part in VIP tournaments

·         Reload bonuses

·         Birthday bonuses

·         Deposit matching bonuses

Working you way up the system

When you first join a site, you’ll probably see that the programmes on the site are tiered. In short, this means that upon registering, you will likely be placed into the Bronze category. Depending on how much you use the site, and how much money you deposit into your e-wallet, you will then be upgraded to Silver category, then Gold, and finally Platinum category.

This ensures that gamblers who have stayed playing on the online casino for a long time reap the benefits of their loyalty over rookies and newbies who may or may not stick around.

It’s realistic to expect different levels of generosity for each category too. This will mean that when you’re rewarded with a bonus and you’re in Bronze category, you may receive 20 free spins, whereas someone in the Silver category would get 35 free spins. Then, a member of the Gold category would get 60 free spins. And so on. 

If you want to enjoy more generous rewards and better benefits, you’ll have to start transferring more money into your e-wallet and see the credit with your online casino accumulate over time!

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