Long Bob Haircuts You’ll Want to Copy

Long Bob Haircuts You’ll Want to Copy

The best long bob haircut ideas we love in this year

Trends can come and go, but long bob haircuts are a constant epidemic that has been around for the past decade in a constantly changing world. This popular cut may be perceived as “Rob,” a fashionable combination of the words “long” and “bob.” As the name implies, this modern hairstyle ends in the area between the chin and collarbone. Such a simple hairstyle really helps to emphasize the chin line by properly framing the face to any shape and emphasizing the bone structure of any individual.

Chic long bob haircut that emphasizes your face

Contrary to what one might think, short hair lengths actually still offer many options when it comes to hairstyles. Think of celebrities and popular fashionsthat look different every day from long Bob! For example, a long bob can be worn straight and smooth using a flat iron over low heat. On the other hand, the same haircut can also be textured with voluminous waves and curls on the crown.

Or go back to the ’90s along the way and wear a long bob half up and half down and finish off with all the adorable hair ties! A fairly long bob is suitable, regardless of hair color or texture. This hairstyle is universal as it can be adapted to any environment, professional or casual. Here are some of the cutest styles that will inspire your latest hairstyle ideas!

1) Asymmetric free wave long bob

These luxurious locks are longer in the front than in the back to make the face look really slimmer. So, this hairstyle will be more flattering for round faces that might need a bit more structure. This pretty hairstyle will make the angles appear sharper by raising the cheekbones and narrowing the chin. Free waves will add texture and make the hair appear thicker.

2) Textured long bob with highlighted hints

Long bob haircuts essentially add structure to the face, but with the help of strands, you can add depth to the hair itself. This particular style emphasizes only the hints and adds textures and volumes to the otherwise dull hints. This technique is especially suitable for women whose hair thins as it grows.

3) Asymmetric, messy, layered long bob

Layers add an amazing amount of texture to all types of long bob hairstyles. In this style, your hair always looks blow-dried due to the volume that the thick layer gives. The nature of this look is messy and you can’t really change it, so if you don’t like this style, don’t use it.

4) Champagne Blonde Long Layer Bob

While long bobs add enough style on their own, you can give the look a boost with a notch in an eye-catching color. This platinum blonde works great with cool skin tones, meaning the veins on your wrists appear blue rather than green, indicating warmer undertones. However, don’t let that fact deter you from wearing this beautiful color!

5) Long Bob with the highlights of the face-framing

A lob cut automatically frames the face and makes it appear slimmer, but this flattering effect can be further accentuated with the help of some natural colored highlights. Typically, these highlights are no more than three shades lighter than your natural hair color, so they look subtle while effortlessly adding that pop to your facial bone structure.

6) Long Bob with Frosty Blonde Highlights

If you suffer from flat, lifeless hair that doesn’t hold any volume, it might be a good idea to go for a shorter cut. This will allow the growth of new, healthy hair as the strands rejuvenate. This is exactly what this bob does, with the help of icy blonde highlights that make the hair appear thicker. Dark roots also help add depth to the overall style.

7) Asymmetrical wavy long bob with dark roots

Another asymmetrical style, this particular cut, is characterized by the hair hitting the collarbone as the length changes in layers when it reaches the longest point in the anterior part. At the back, the short part ends at the back of the neck. This is another example of how maintaining dark roots not only makes the growth of dyed hair less noticeable but also improves hair depth through contrast.

8) Simple curly long bob

These golden curls are a great example of what can be done with a lobed cut that features regular length in a straight line. It’s a particularly clean and mature look for professionals looking to look neat on any occasion. The shorter length also means less time spent on styling and saves money by reducing the number of hair products needed.

9) The long wavy bob paired with long layers

This cute long bob cut is undemanding on maintenance, with its reckless but cool waves. It’s a look that can be achieved on a daily basis in a minimum of time without resorting to hot curling methods overnight. When you wake up your long bob will be put in free waves that will last all day with no problem! It’s the perfect hairstyle for women who are always on the go or those who are too busy for elaborate styling routines.

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