The different types of therapies available at your local drug recovery center

The different types of therapies available at your local drug recovery center

To make sure you are going to the best treatment facility possible, ensure that the rehabilitation center you choose has numerous programs available for you to get clean and sober. Find a facility with group therapy, individual counseling, sober living, and outpatient treatment choices! 

Therapies available during your drug recovery program

Before you can choose the best program for you to use to get clean, you need to make sure that the programs you choose are suitable for your needs and your personality after all, if you like specific activities, such as art, exercise, or being outdoors in nature, why not combine your hobbies and passion with a treatment modality that can increase the likelihood of adherence and motivation? 

Group therapy

One of the most common types of therapy available at your local drug recovery center is group therapy. Group therapy is very effective in treating different types of illnesses and conditions, such as mental disorders, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse. Since you are talking with others who are in similar situations to yourself, you can feel bonded and supported by your peers. 

Even though you may not get along with everyone all the time, getting advice, valuable insight, and guidance on how to move forward in your life is invaluable when it comes to your drug recovery journey. Make sure you find a treatment center like The Forge Recovery Center that makes group therapy a mandatory program, ensuring everyone participates and goes to therapy at least once per day. 

Having this type of structure and interaction with your peers can help you become more social, interact with others in your same age range, and form bonds with others who can help you with support in your drug recovery.

Sober living houses 

The second type of therapy that is widely available in most drug recovery centers in your area is sober living houses and communities. Once you have completed your initial inpatient treatment and medical detox, you can continue living in a confined accommodation that makes it easier for you to stay sober and clean. 

Unlike the outside world, where there are numerous variables to take into account that can cause you to relapse, sober living makes sure there is alcohol or drugs involved in the housing facility. This can increase the adherence rates to staying sober and clean during your drug recovery journey.

Outpatient treatment

The third type of common treatment or program that is available to your local drug recovery center is outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment usually offers almost all the same amenities and therapy modalities as inpatient treatment, but you have more flexibility to continue living your daily life. Outpatient options may be best suited for those who have already gone through an inpatient program, but wanna stay connected to their rehab program so they can continue attending therapy sessions and group therapy sessions. Group therapy is a great way to try and integrate yourself back into the world while still holding yourself accountable with your outpatient treatment. 

Individual counseling

The final type of therapy offered at a drug recovery center is individual counseling. Unlike group therapy, in which you speak with numerous other people, individual counseling is a one-on-one session with you and a therapist that can help you get to the core issue of why you are dealing with substance abuse. 

Art therapy

The last kind of therapy that is typically available at your local drug recovery center is art therapy. Art therapy can include painting, singing, songwriting, and other artistic ventures that can expand your mind and use your creative side to come up with new and fascinating ideas. By using this part of your brain, you can feel motivated to create something new, inspire yourself to think outside of the box, and think about things other than your addiction. Using new pathways in your brain that may have been shut off during the height of your addiction can help you regain confidence in yourself once more. 


Before you choose a local drug recovery center that can help you get clean and sober, you need to make sure the facility has certain amenities to help you move forward in life. Make sure the drug recovery center has individual counseling, outpatient treatment, sober living, and group therapy to help you comprehensively fight your addiction. 

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