List Of 5 Absolute Best UCaaS Providers

List Of 5 Absolute Best UCaaS Providers

As you’re here, you’re either interested in Unified communications software as a service (UCaaS) or already a user. Either way, this post would be super helpful for you.

Because after coming up with a massive amount of research, comparing each other based on different features, I assembled this list.

So, read until the end if you don’t want to waste time and money on some random bad providers.

With that being said, let’s face them.

What Is UCaaS? (In case you don’t know)

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications Software as a service. This allows businesses to keep their communication and collaboration channels synced in real-time and provide robust cloud features.

Some of the popular features of UCaaS are:

  • Voice calling/conferencing
  • Business SMS text messaging
  • Video calling/conferencing
  • Live Chat messaging
  • Email
  • Social media messaging
  • Online faxing

Here You Go: 5 Best UCaaS Providers

I utilized tremendous amounts of time, analyzed different user satisfaction points, reviews, and overall market reputation, and found these you’re about to learn.


User Rating: 4.5

Yes. You can’t but have listened to this software before. Hence, it’s currently the most popular UCaaS Providers out there in the market.

The popularity of Zoom stepped into the peaks at Quarantine. Their free plan incentivizes students, teachers, and educational institutes to use the software far more than any other of its competitors.

Zoom is popularly known as the web conferencing software as it previously branded itself as a video conferencing tool.

But, now zoom offers:

  1.  Phone voice calling.
  2. SMS texting
  3. Social media streaming
  4. Instant Chat messaging
  5. Group video calls with up to 1,000+ attendees for up to 30 hours.
  6. Unlimited cloud storage recordings
  7. There are many advanced meeting viewing options, such as filters, multiple participant spotlights, and up to 9 pinned videos.
  8. Transcription of Live and Video.
  9. Unlimited auto-attendants.
  10.  Voicemail auto-transcription.
  11.  Widespread integration like Microsoft, Slack, Google, and Salesforce. (I love this feature)

Price: Paid plans start from $25/user per month.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams are also big players in the UCaaS markets. Fifteen million daily users trust teams.

Microsoft is a reputated company, and teams qualify every passing criterion as an UCaaS.

Did you know, Microsoft teams is the number one meeting platform?

Microsoft Teams also ranked #4 on Cisco, Fuse, and Ringcentral.

According to Forrester, Teams emerged as the clear leader based on 31 criteria evaluating the world’s most prominent UCaaS providers.

Key Features

  1. Very big on 3rd party integrations.
  2.  Compatible with PSTN telephony
  3. Includes robust monitoring and reporting capabilities
  4. Scale up to multi-user scenarios like contact centers
  5. User-Based Pricing


User Rating: 4.5

Nextiva is disrupting the UCaaS space by its robust native features, especially CRM capabilities, making it a business suite for small and medium businesses.

Nextiva Business Suite offers users automation, better customer feedback, more potent team collaboration tools, and better customer engagement.

One of the lucrative features Nextiva promotes is 10,000 toll-free minutes per month.

Key Features

  1. Online telephony
  2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  3. Chat and SMS messaging
  4. Phone number porting
  5. 1-click video call access
  6. Voice transcription
  7. Unlimited local calling
  8. Massive 3rd party integration. Like: Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox, Outlook, G Suite, Zendesk, Hubspot.
  9. Call history and call log reports
  10.  Unlimited virtual fax
  11.  Voicemail to text/email

Pricing: Has three paid plans starting from 27.95$ per user.


User Rating: 4

UCaaS provider RingCentral Office offers enterprise telephony over the Internet. For five consecutive years, Gartner Inc. named RingCentral Office, a leader in the UcaaS market.

In 2020, RingCentral named it 2020’s Best Unified Communications Platform of the Year.

This software offers Up to 10,000 toll-free minutes per month.

RingCentral Office is a great fit if your company has many remote employees who frequently collaborate.

Key Features

  1. Telephone cloud communications
  2. video/audio conferencing
  3. SMS texting (Unlimited business message)
  4. Instant messaging
  5. Analytics
  6. Robust third-party integrations like Slack, G Suite, Microsoft365, etc.
  7. Automatic call recodings
  8. Unlimited users
  9. Unlimited US/Canada Calls
  10.  Desktop app.
  11.  Advanced call handling features.

Pricing: Starts from 19.99$ per user monthly.


User rating: 4

Dialpad is a BYOD cloud communications solution with over 70,00 global customers, including Uber, Hubspot, and Motorola.

One of the essential features of Dialpad is its Voice Intelligence, which uses natural language processing and voice recognition to enhance customer service in real-time. VI provides customers with sentiment analysis, automated note-taking and calls summary logging, as well as real-time coaching and assistance.

Key Features

  1. Unlimited US and Canada calling
  2. VoIP calling
  3. Unlimited SMS messaging
  4. Call analytics
  5. Communication recording
  6. Dialpad Everywhere softphone app
  7. Dialpad Meetings video calling

Pricing: starts from 75$/user per month



That was all about the best UCaaS providers out there in the market. I tried to pick the best providers on the list. If any beautiful software slipped away from the list, feel free to comment below.

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