Learn to make sola wood flowers

Learn to make sola wood flowers

Flowers have been a love for all for many years. when it comes to making handmade flowers, it’s a myth that only especially skilled and craftsperson can make flowers which is surely not true. When it comes to making sola wood flowers, they are easily accessible to all. yeah! You heard it right.

Sola wood flowers are made from the bark of the tapioca tree. This bark is separated first and then transformed into long sheets which are later sent to the market for further work. There is a lot of variation possible in these flowers. you can try different designs, shapes, colors, and even unique fragrances. What else one can ask for? of course, nothing.

Sola wood flowers are nowadays highly appealed to by art lovers. People try to have them on different types of event décor along with so much more. For sure, this is something which increases the demand for sola wood flower.

Every year, a craftsman who has expertise in making sola wood flowers earn a lot of money by selling these flowers. this is not limited to only events but even, people incorporate them in home décor. To add further, you would love to hear that these flowers are also gifted on various occasions. Ranging from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, you can mind them every year.

Sola wood flowers have successfully replaced both ornamental and natural flowers to great extent. This is the reason why it has turned quite significant to learn about making these flowers. it is not difficult at all. all you have to look around for ideas to try with sola wood flowers and you will be all set to initiate, isn’t it cool? Yes, of course.

How to start learning about sola wood flowers?

Now, as you might have started thinking to learn making these flowers, you might be thinking about where to initiate. If yes, then follow us ahead in this blog to explore further.

  1. Create your imagination first

First of all, you must have a strong imagination. Try to look around for ideas that you want to try. This could be as simple as a tulip or as complex as a rose.

  • Get the material

As a beginner, you do not need any extra material. That will surely be a waste. Try to start with taking baby steps. This means you have to begin with simple and very limited material such as:

  • Wooden sheet
  • Colors
  • Gluing material
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  • Look at the method

As you start, try to look at any of the YouTube tutorials for guidance you must try to figure out the one specially made for beginners.

  • Observe keenly

Observe every step keenly. Do not rush. Move forward gradually. Sooner, you will be able to recreate your favorite designs. For sure, it is amazing!


Sola wood flowers are love for everyone. When it comes to learning making them, they have a lot to offer. You can simply start your own business by making these flowers. This will soon turn greater and you will be able to earn huge bucks once you become an expert. So, what are you waiting for, start today to earn benefits tomorrow.

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