LA’s Crime Problem

LA’s Crime Problem


It’s no secret that the city of Los Angeles in the beautiful state of California is experiencing a crime problem. The reality has made it around the world. On January 24, 2022, word spread that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Americans are safer in Kyiv than in Los Angeles.

Many believe that the comment came in a rebuttal to President of the United States Joe Biden recalling embassy workers from the area.

Nonetheless, even world leaders know the situation occurring in the City of Angels.

The Los Angeles Times started to report that brazen crimes continue occurring in Los Angeles. On December 4, 2021, the news outlet reported that a spike in incidents at private and public spaces became obvious.

Crime and Business

During a lawlessness wave such as LA’s crime problem, companies take a big hit. They see their merchandise stolen in-store and in transit. Thanks to social media and concerned individuals, proof exists.

Therefore, companies must take measures to protect it and their employees. In 2022, hiring armed security guards to ride with inventory deliveries and to oversee the lobbies in buildings is part and parcel of doing business.

Business owners can view some armed security options by visiting Special Security Services online.

California lawmakers have a history of redefining felony theft and misdemeanors. They also redefined larceny, false pretense, and embezzlement. The result became an increase in unapologetic store robberies. Individuals walk out of department, retail, and drug stores with arms and bags full of merchandise.

California Penal Code Section 487(a) states that individuals who take property totaling less than $950 will only face a misdemeanor. Previously, the threshold sat at $250.

A photojournalist from CBS 2/ KCAL 9 in Los Angeles posted a video from Lincoln Heights on Twitter. After hearing about train burglaries over the police scanner, he decided to check out the situation for himself. On January 13, 2022, he reported what he found.

He found looted Amazon and UPS packages. News outlets picked up the story after his video received over 45,000 retweets. This also prompted Union Pacific to issue a public statement.

Crime and the Public

Lower charges against individuals who commit crimes in Los Angeles lead to lower or zero bail amounts. This practice has allowed thieves and individuals with nefarious intentions to get back on the streets within hours.

This poses a public safety issue for Los Angeles residents. In addition, those who work in the city or travel to visit it must remain on alert too.

On November 9, 2021, KTLA reported that the Los Angeles Police Department issued a warning addressing follow-home robberies. Individuals targeted shoppers at specific locations such as Melrose and jewelry stores. They also targeted people who attended high-end restaurants and nightclubs.

General Crime in Los Angeles

One way to gauge crime in any city is by reviewing the statistics issued by the federal, state, and local authorities. Keep in mind that they don’t always paint the entire picture.

In the wake of woke and cancel culture becoming more prominent across the United States, many crimes go unreported. Some individuals prefer to swallow a robbery or assault against them instead of losing their job, income, or place in society.

Nonetheless, local news outlets did report the crime statistics for Los Angeles for 2021. The City saw a 12% increase in homicides. In addition, a 13% increase in shootings also occurred.

According to the report, burglaries saw a decrease of 7%. Keep in mind that retailers and private individuals have stopped reporting burglaries in several cases. A decrease in reported sexual assaults also took place by 7%.

Mayor Eric Garcetti defended himself against the report. He believes that the bulk of the homicides took place in early-2021. Thus, he credits local authorities with getting ahold of them in the second half.

Garcetti also points out that a spike in crimes isn’t specific to Los Angeles. San Francisco has also seen an astonishing increase in thefts and assaults. Nonetheless, leaders cannot excuse themselves by playing the finger-pointing game.


LA’s crime problem remains a result of lax laws on crime and bail requirements. Coupled with the homeless problem, the current situation became inevitable. Living, working, and visiting Los Angeles in 2022 requires individuals to practice solid street smart skills. Plus, companies must take security into their own hands.

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