Know Main Things about Dubai Villa Community

Know Main Things about Dubai Villa Community

The best villas for sale in Dubai are properties established in alliance with Mazaya. The idea of Villa was launched in 2005, and the first project took almost five years to complete. To date, there are 1,262 completed villas in 13 different architectural styles. Except for these, there are 163 empty land plots available in the cosmopolitan city. According to the latest research, around 387 properties are in-process. Hopefully, in the year 2020, Dubai will be the No.1 home to private villas with five or six bedrooms. Let see.

Those who are considering to move to the Villa, we must say, you’re the right opportunist. The Villa is capable of surprising you with tons of options. Specifically, for Dubai residents, no setting could be ideal than this. Located close to Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) and Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), it offers a broad, serene, and classy lifestyle.

Ready for a quick analysis of the Villa community?


Villa is a great place to live. Reasons? Countless. We reveal them one by one.

  1. The community center covers shops, a mosque, a play area, a salon and spa, and sports facilities.
  2. The house’s appearance resembles little palace amidst manicured gardens, and families mostly occupy these with their young children.
  3. The residential community of The Villa provides you with spacious lawns and wide walkways; one can at least live the pure environment there.
  4. The location is noise-free and far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and the air is clean and pure.
  5. Mostly, the residents of the Villa community will meet and host low-scale BBQ parties while their children can be at liberty on grounds, parks, and tennis courts.

Property Scene In The Villa

As the name indicates, properties around here consist of big houses. They comprise 4 to 6 bedrooms with a terrace, parking area, and courtyard.  These large-looking properties allow you to relish panoramic views of the community from terraces. Moreover, the entire project sprawls over a landscape of 35 million sq. ft, dividing the total area into separate communities inspired by architectural themes. If you’re thinking of buying or custom-built your dream home, you can effortlessly accomplish your goal in this locality.

Custom-made villas give you a leverage of how many bedrooms you need. Afterward, you can choose the unit accordingly. Explore a great variety of options for villas for sale in Dubai .

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