Kid-friendly things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Kid-friendly things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Do you know San Juan is one of the oldest settlements in the Americas? Founded in 1521, it has many historic buildings and rich history. Puerto Rico is also a tourist country with an abundance of fantastic beaches, warm weather, and natural beauty. As an unincorporated territory of the United States, Puerto Rico attracts a massive influx of tourists from the continental part and from all over the world.

To enter the US, European tourists need ESTA for America, the ESTA meaning you can find via an online application site. After answering a detailed set of questions, the administration takes around three days to process the request. With ESTA approval, you can explore the US for up to 90 days.

San Juan with kids

Two things kids will love about San Juan are its historic forts. Castillo San Felipe del Morro is the older of two overlooking San Juan bay. An impressive structure with canon batteries over the rugged cliff. On the other side is a great lawn where kids can run and play. Inside the fort, there are many exciting rooms like gun rums, sentry posts, prisons, tunnels,etc. The fort’s first part was made in 1539, but it was finished almost 250 years later.

Castillo de San Cristobal is the more massive fort and part of the San Juan National Historic Site. When finished in 1783, it had impressive 27 acres, and its walls partially encircled the city. Besides exploring the fortification and corridors, the fort walls are ideal for taking scenic and panoramic pictures.

The city has many other kid-friendly attractions like driving on the free trolley to take a break from sightseeing. San Juan is a place with many public fountains, and you could let kids cool off from the hot weather by splashing and playing around them.

You will probably spend most of the time in San Juan with kids on the fabulous beaches. Some of the best beaches in and around the town include Isla Verde in neighboring town Carolina, El Alambique with its palm trees, sand, and food carts. Balneario Carolina is an immaculate public beach with all necessary amenities. Other notable beaches are Pinegrove Beach, Condado Beach, and Playa Pena in Old San Juan.

San Juan water park

If the beach is not enough water and fun for your kids, there are lovely water parks. The largest pool, kids pool, lazy river, water slides, and rope bridge is some 30 miles out of the city in El Conquistador Resort. Coqui Water Park is a great destination to spend the entire day with the family.

Smaller and fun parks with various amenities for kids are Parque Acuatico Infantil Aquasol in Carolina and Aclantis Park.

The best area to stay in San Juan

Old San Juan is a colorful history and romantic part of the town. Cobblestone streets and the most popular tourist attractions are here, just like most popular restaurants. It is a great pedestrian area, but accommodation is pricier in this area.

Centrally located, Condado is a significant tourist hotspot where the whole area has a beautiful beachfront with hotels on the beach. If you like shopping, this is a place to stay. The good thing is the location just 10 minutes from the Old City, but Condado is maybe not for you if you would like more than just the beach.

Sancture has more nightlife options and far cheaper accommodations. You can enjoy popular food trucks and find too cheap beer. On the other hand,it is not the safest neighborhood.

Hato Rey is an urban neighborhood with the largest shopping center Plaza Las Americas. This is a business center with Hiram Bithorn Stadium where you can catch a baseball game or watch a concert at Coliseo. Every year, Hato Rey hosts a large Beer festival with big shows and attractions.

Old San Juan nightlife

San Juan has vibrant nightlife almost on every street. One of the most popular areas is La Factoria, where you can find bars and restaurants, live music, and salsa dancing venues. The Cannon Club’s bar is another great place with two large pianos, an interior garden, and cool decorations.  El Callejon de la Tanca is among the most vivid streets in town or goes to El Batey to soak authentic Puerto Rico.

Before buying tickets, make sure you check all the esta questions in case you need to find some answers. Once you get approval, you can visit the US for up to two years. Wait for the final arrangements until the administrator approves your application.

Bottom Line

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean Island with all the best this region offers in the sun, beaches, wonderful nature, and the world’s best rum. It is also a place with other historical attractions, vibrant island culture, and diverse cuisine.

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