Join poetry and art contest for free

Join poetry and art contest for free

Art and poetry lovers are always searching for their favourite books and poetry. Since ancient times, book and art lovers used to find their way towards art contests and book fairs. Only an art lover can recognize the value of art and poetry. It is a common saying that books are the best companions, which is very accurate in real life. When you have no one, books can be your best friends. Poetry lovers also have God gifted talent for writing their masterpieces. In the past, poetry and art lovers arranged contests and fairs for other art lovers. But time has changed now, and online contests replace those city to city, country to country art contests. Many online books stores provide platforms for book readers and art lovers. These platforms also arrange online contests like OnlineBookCluc Poetry and Art Contest, which register the users for free.

Online Book Club

Online Book Club is a platform for book lovers. If you love book reading and like to discuss it, you can join this platform. Here you can discuss the books and can ask questions from other book lovers. You can keep yourself updated about the latest books and their availability on this platform. There are many topics and categories available to discuss about. You can join any forum of your interest. The categories include:

  • Classic books
  • Non-fiction books
  • Crime, thrillers, mystery and horror books
  • Sci-fi and Fantasy books
  • Romance
  • Historical books
  • Drama and Poetry books
  • Graphic novels and Comics
  • Young adult fiction books
  • Children Books
  • Other forums

This Online Book Club is a platform for book and art lovers to discuss their ideas and recommend good books to each other. People can share their experiences with books and can read the reviews about the latest books. At this platform, they announce book of the month every month and post reviews of these books. It helps users to collect books to read.

The art and poetry contest

Online Book Club is a platform to join art and book lovers from different regions of the world. They have just announced an art and poetry contest to give many prizes to the books lovers. The OnlineBookClub Poetry and art contest provides an opportunity to the art lovers to express their talent and win exciting prizes. The prizes of $10,000 have been announced which will be distributed among top winners and other winners. Top winners will get $1000 and other winners will get $100. This contest is going to be an exciting contest for art lovers. Art and poetry lovers can join from any region of the world.

How to enter in the contest

You can submit your free entry at Online Book Club via this link, You can submit

  • Short stories
  • Poems
  • Visual Art
  • Songs etc

The submissions must be original and unpublished. Already published content will not be accepted.

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