Top 4 Simplest Starter Jobs for DIY Beginners

Top 4 Simplest Starter Jobs for DIY Beginners

With the worldwide pandemic of 2020 confining most of the United Kingdom’s citizens to their homes, the upsurge in people attempting DIY at home was mind-blowing, and this interest, as the country is finally attempting to recover, is showing absolutely no signs of waning.

Here are the top four simplest starter jobs for ‘Do It Yourself’ beginners.

Resealing the Bath

There are a number of credible reasons why you might feel it is time to reseal the gap between your bath and the bathroom tiles or wall, and, luckily for DIY beginners everywhere; this is one of the easiest tasks around the home.

Nevertheless, if you spot a small patch of the black stain that usually precedes a growth of moisture-induced mold, it may not be immediately necessary to replace the sealant. Invest in a good quality stain remover and attempt to nip the problem in the proverbial bud before you attack the entire perimeter with sealant.

Fixing Creaky Doors

There are a multitude of ways to temporarily fix a squeaking door, none of which can be accurately described as DIY, but some are often particularly effective, especially in the short term. Rubbing a cotton bud covered in petroleum jelly over the offending hinge, stuffing the hinge with steel wool, and even applying mayonnaise over the entirety of the joints can all keep the irritating squeaking and creaking at bay.

A simple DIY project, however, is to replace the creaking hinge entirely and is a good starting project for the discerning beginner. It is strongly advisable to consult an experienced and professional supplier of fastenings and fittings such as Tradefix Direct, who sell a plethora of door hinges and will also be more than happy to advise you on any questions or concerns you may have. After all, you want your first foray into DIY to be a successful one! One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not asking for help.

Painting a Wall

Painting is perhaps one of the safer options when choosing where to begin your burgeoning DIY career as, essentially, if the finished result does not go exactly to plan, it can simple be repainted (ideally by someone who knows what they’re doing this time!)

Ensure you remove any rough parts of the wall by filing and sanding, inspect the wall for any remnants of old wallpaper or hooks, cover nearby furniture with dust cloths and use strong masking tape to cover any light switches and other fittings for your best chance of success.

Unblocking a Drain

There are now certain products readily available that claim to unblock your shower and sink drains with little to no elbow grease needed from yourself, although such products do often tend to receive mixed reviews. Sourcing a thin but strong piece of metal fastened into a small hook and fishing out the offending obstacles from the space underneath the plughole not only feels incredibly satisfying (if, perhaps, slightly nausea-inducing) but also most definitely counts as a DIY project successfully completed!

Pro tip – while not crucial for this job, shutting water off before undertaking any plumbing task is always beneficial. You’re more likely to face problems with excess water already in the pipe, so make sure you have a bucket below just in case.

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