Is Synthetic Grass Suitable for Kids?

Is Synthetic Grass Suitable for Kids?

Kids love playing outside, whether it’s kicking a ball, running through the sprinkler or spending time with the entire family.

It’s essential to spend time together as a whole family. Without the ongoing care required if you have a natural lawn, artificial grass can make this experience so much more enjoyable.

With the many advantages of installing artificial grass, including that children love playing on it, it’s becoming the choice for more homes.

With many kids sitting in front of screens much more often, encouraging them to enjoy being outside and breathe in the fresh air is a good thing because it’s great for physical and mental health.

In this article, we take a look at the benefits of artificial turf and how it benefits your children and why they love it as much as they do.

1. It’s a grass that can be played on all year round

Perhaps the main reason kids love it; there is no mud or mess from heavy rains, which means it can be used throughout every season, including winter. While muddy puddles can be fun, there is more joy in being able to play outside whenever you want.

Even during mild winters, natural grass can become boggy, which can damage the grass if you play in it a lot. You won’t have the same issues with synthetic grass, which means kids can be encouraged to get outdoors more.

2. Mud no more

We know kids love mud and can have great sensory experiences when playing out in it, so yes, this is probably more beneficial for parents than the kids.

Simply, there is no mud or mess with artificial turf because it is laid on a sub-base. This means that if your children want to go outside after a downpour, they can do so without getting covered in dirt and mud. Another significant aspect is that there is less scrubbing for you and good news for your washing machine.

3. Great for ball sports

When properly installed, you get a perfectly flat lawn and consistent grass length for kicking balls around. For your budding footballer or soccer player, they can run around the yard with their mates freely.

Artificial lawn has a cushioning effect, so the risk of lumps and bumps from injury is reduced. 

4. Great for sporty pursuits – golf, cricket and bowls.

Got a budding golfer or cricket star in the home? Artificial lawn is perfect for putting their potting and bowling into practice. Your budding sportsperson will have their technique perfect in no time, and as we have previously mentioned, they can practice all year round.

5. Springy underfoot

While not a standard offering, and it isn’t essential, you can install a foam shock pad under your turf, particularly if you are using it at a school, child care facility or a backyard where kids are around a lot. It gives the surface some spring and is a lot softer than traditional preparations. 

If you choose an underlay, they typically come in 10mm and 20mm depths for different softness levels. For the best spongey feel, it is recommended that you install the 20mm foam, and you will feel like you are walking on air. The addition of this gives the perfect level of protection for your kids if they trip and fall.

6. Playhouses, swims, slides and climbing frames

Play equipment and artificial grass are a winning combination when you add the foam shock pad. The underlays are compliant with Australian Safety Standards, so they are often installed at playgrounds and schools, adding a layer of protection if there is a fall from a height.

These same standards are also ideal for your backyard, so all your little monkeys are sage if they take a tumble.

7. Picnic perfect

You will love how ideal artificial turf is for family picnics or having friends over for a summer gathering. The feel is soft and luscious, so you lie around and relax on it after a lunchtime feast.

You needn’t worry about damaging the lawn because it’s designed for heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for gatherings. It will spring back after furniture and people have been spending time on it. 

8. A haven for allergy sufferers

Allergies, if you get them, you know what it’s like to avoid the outdoors at specific times of the year. Hay fever is the most common of these. The great thing is that synthetic grass is hypoallergenic, which is fantastic for those living with allergies. This means you and your kids can get outdoors at the sneeziest times of the year without water eyes and a runny nose.


With all these incredible benefits for kids and their parents, it’s no wonder children love the artificial lawn. There is no reason why they cannot get outside and having fun.

You have heard how the added underlay will improve the experience overall and create an even safer environment for children and pets to play in. Whether they’re running about or hanging upside down on outdoor equipment, you know they are safe on synthetic grass.

It’s essential to note that it’s not just the kids that benefit from it, but parents can relax knowing they’re safe, not getting covered in mud and can play outside all year long. Even better is that weekends aren’t spent mowing lawns and keeping weeds at bay.

If you think synthetic grass would suit your lifestyle, then ask our professional team at Superdeck how we can help you move forward and get the lawn installed ready for your kids to enjoy their backyard space.

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