Is ITIL Certification Hard to Learn?

Is ITIL Certification Hard to Learn?

Among all in-demand professionals in the Information Technology industry, the ITIL certified experts have the highest absorption rate. Every year, thousands of aspirants prepare for the prestigious ITIL certification exam and crack the certificate to become highly-paid professionals with reputed companies worldwide.

Do you know? Most candidates do not prepare for the certification exam, thinking it to be a challenging game. Consequently, they miss out on significantly boosting their career and accessing an average salary of around $92,000 per year (as per Unfortunately, such thoughts intimidate the candidates and compel them to perform poorly in examinations.

You might have just stepped into preparing for ITIL certification and wondering about the likelihood of your passing the exam. So, the entire discussion is about” is ITIL certification that hard?”. Getting a conclusion might be challenging if you do not know the associated factors.

Worry not; we’ll give you enough knowledge to deduce whether ITIL foundation certification is a challenging game or not in the article right below.

Let’s dive in!

What are ITIL Certifications, and Why Do They Matter?

ITIL certification is a buzzword in the IT domain. Apart from candidates, employers prefer hiring applicants with ITIL certifications mentioned in their resumes.

But, what are ITIL certifications, after all?

ITIL certifications verify your training and knowledge in service management best practices, including technology, terminology, processes, and methods used in today’s IT sector.

ITIL-certified professionals are in demand because they can help businesses develop and transform. To become an ITIL professional, candidates prepare for the prestigious ITIL certification exams organized by PeopleCert.

But, what makes ITIL certifications so essential in the world? Let’s quickly get a glimpse of all the reasons.

  • Career Growth

Professionals go for efficient ITIL certifications to boost their compensation and better opportunities. So, ITIL certifications have become popular in offering a tremendous boost in professional careers.

  • More Opportunities

Nowadays, most companies prefer ITIL-certified professionals in their workplaces. Sometimes, they open rare job vacancies only for verified skills as certifications. So, you can fetch more job opportunities by cracking ITIL certifications.

  • Global Demand

Unlike other skills, ITIL certifications remain in-demand globally. You can find tremendous job opportunities for ITIL-certified professionals in any country. Besides, all organizations consider the certification a standard parameter in judging an applicant’s skills.

  • Higher Salaries

ITIL certifications can help you fetch a higher salary in your professional career. You can easily switch jobs and bag opportunities that compensate more for your existing skills and knowledge base.

That’s all about how the certification paradigm appears to the world. Now, let’s get more specific about our final judgment.

ITIL Certifications: The Essential Skills

Moving a step closer towards answering our mainframe question, let’s discuss the skills required to become an ITIL-certified professional.

  • Managerial Skills

Since ITIL certifications examine your professional abilities, management skills are essential to becoming a certified expert. You should know how to execute seamless processes in an IT environment and drive optimum values.

  • Business Relationship Management (BRM)

Apart from traditional managerial skills, it would help if you had an in-depth understanding of Business Relationship Management (BRM). Besides the examination, subsequent job interviews will test you on this parameter before giving you a full-time role.

  • Knowledge of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Trending technologies like DevOps are essential for any business to walk hand-in-hand with the latest paradigm. Since you will be working as ITIL experts in such organizations, having an in-depth understanding of next-gen technologies is a must-have nowadays.

  • Problem Solving Skills

Working at the top hierarchical branches of an organization will throw numerous problems before you. So, it would help if you had a knack for bringing the best solution to the table and ending the crisis from its foundations. Thus, problem-solving is another essential skill to become an ITIL-certified expert.

  • Innovative and Collaborative

An ITIL expert should assemble the entire team to think innovatively and surface out-of-the-box ideas for the benefit of a business. Also, the competitive ITIL certification exams will gauge your innovation and collaboration abilities regarding the IT culture.

  • Analytical Thinking

The most sought-after skill to become an ITIL-certified professional is analytical thinking. Although the exam will test your analytical mindset, you can also face tricky questions around the domain during various job interviews.

Furthermore, we should consider the modes of preparation to decide whether the ITIL certifications are challenging or not.

How to Prepare for ITIL Certifications?

Cracking the ITIL exams takes extensive hard work and preparation strategies to begin. It would help if you were clear-headed with the most favorable preparation mode to better study for the one-of-a-kind exams.

So, what are the various preparatory options available to you? Let’s take a look!

  1. Self-Study

While it might sound a bit intimidating, many professionals prefer self-study and managing the preparations at their pace. You must gather essential resources, exam patterns, and mock papers to get a gist of how the exam appears and prepare accordingly.

So, you can go for self-preparation if you have enough confidence in developing all essential skills and cracking the exam effortlessly.

  1. ITIL Certification Courses

Another convenient method is choosing relevant ITIL certification courses available online. These well-curated sessions have an organized curriculum and certified professionals as instructors who share secret tips of cracking ITIL exams in the blink of an eye.

So, you can pick different ITIL certification courses to prepare through an effective curriculum and access premium guidance from industry leaders worldwide.

The Bottom Line

After considering all these aspects, you are all set to deduce if ITIL exams are challenging or straightforward.

As you saw, the skills required to become ITIL experts are not tricky. However, the questions around them in the exams can be challenging. So, you would need to prepare for the exam and practice relevant questions to ace the exam successfully.

Besides, it depends on the mode of preparation too. To begin with, you should analyze if self-study or enrolling in a course will be helpful.

Overall, the ITIL exam is a cakewalk if you have all the favorable factors. Else, it is almost like nailing jelly to a tree!

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