Is Huawei band 4e Smartwatch good?

Is Huawei band 4e Smartwatch good?


Watches have come long watch through the generation from simple watch to smartwatch. Now a day everyone wears a smartwatch which shows tons of information in the watch other than time like control music and picks up the call. Now a day one can even use GPS as well. The major benefit of a smartwatch is that one can check the heart rate and ECG as well. Huawei which is one the biggest company for making smartphones has also started making smartwatches one of the newest watches they launched is Huawei band 4 and 4 with OLED screens for better viewing angles and offers GPS as well. Keep reading this article to know more about the smartwatch and what features it provides.

About watch Huawei band 4e

Huawei band 4e,which offers a heart rate sensor. In addition to this, it also brings some common functions like full display and notification. On the other, Huawei band 4e can only have notifications. When they arrived but without being able to display either showing the content of the notification. There is 6 sensor that will record information while running. You can see everything on the Huawei health app then can show the pattern of force landing or the amount of time. You were running as well can show the number like height during the jump while playing the game. This watch has a processor called apollo3 with a memory of 1 MB and displays a size of 0.96 inches 80*160 pixels with glossy TFT. Also, with storage of 32 MB and price is 39 EURO.

Watch has a button on the bottom edge and has manual brightness control. Also, a large selection of different watch face, which comes with silicone band and available in many colors. Such as black, pink and red, etc. Also, one should have to wear it tightly for the heart rate sensor to work. The box ha also includes a clop to fasten the shoe. Since the shoe is a clip with two contacts the tracker can change the mode automatically, you if enable it from the app. In addition to that, the band and shoe clip are charged by a standard USB connection.

Keep in mind both the trackers cannot be used without the Huawei health app and one needs to log in with an account. Also, the Huawei mobile services need to run in the background for the app to record it. All the trackers of the band offer a sensor key at the bottom of the watch. Also, the display changes when the key is tapped when the sensor is activated. Using the app you can change the items for both the trackers and activate or disconnect Bluetooth notifications, or set up alarms. And it can select which notification to show up in the watch.

Last word:

Huawei band 4e watches have good use and feature. Also, very cheap comparing to other brands one might login into the health app to use all the functions properly.

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