Introducing: Word of Mind and Trendy Smash (Match 3 and Word Games)

Introducing: Word of Mind and Trendy Smash (Match 3 and Word Games)

Simple casual games that involve a little bit of pattern recognition, matching things, and putting 2 and 2 together have always been a part of human culture. In the old days, we had board games that would test one’s ability and speed to observe patterns or make strategic decisions.

In the new society, we find many match 3 games on the market. The most popular of them probably being Candy Crush Saga. There are also many word games such as hangman, scrabble, and so forth.

Unthinq Games, the sister company to unthinQ Studios (which produces Tsano and Pajecha) has decided it is time to create its own range of games from interactive word puzzle games that test your vocabulary, match 3 games, and kindergarten teaching games.

Trendy Smash – (Quick and Easy Match 3 Game)

On September 10, 2021, the first release of a Match 3 Game known as Trendy Smash was made on Google Play. The game has 100 levels and is quick and easy with no requirement for sign up or log in. It is available freely but is ad-supported to give back to the team of developers that are working toward other games. Other than that the frequency of ads has been lowered over time based on user feedback.

You can download it on the Google Play store yourself and decide for yourself!

Some of the reviews on the Games Page:

Kriss Newtone (Hip-hop Emcee) – An amazing app. playing this game has been an awesome experience. Very smooth and entertaining! Highly recommend downloading this!

TateaGuru Nziramasanga (MMT Rapper Tatea Da MC) – Great game but the in-app purchases suck.

(We listened and lowered them to the lowest possible cost on Google. Also note that they are avoidable by playing reward videos, which we gave a lot of points to)

Tariro Maswaure – I love it

(There are many more reviews if you head to the reviews page)

Now let’s take a look at the other game…

Word of Mind – Fun English Word Puzzle Game

There are many benefits of being proficient in any language and proficiency in any language is not only about cramming a list of words but the ability to be flexible with them. The ability to remember the right words on the go.

Word of mind is a game that makes you remember words and broaden your vocabulary whilst having fun. It challenges you to think of which word fits where which stimulates your subconscious to start rewiring the neurons that a linked-to language. Whether you are learning to speak English or not, this app is highly beneficial.

It will accelerate your growth in English-speaking classes.

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