In Seychelles, Luxury Meets Sustainability

In Seychelles, Luxury Meets Sustainability

On this planet, there’s a paradise? On your map, it’s the tiny dot in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles archipelago, off the coast of East Africa, is made up of 115 islands that sprawl across the sparkling turquoise water.

Because of its secluded location and stunning, elysian panoramas, this chain of isles, which includes two UNESCO-protected monuments, has become a popular destination for newlyweds wishing to spend their first days in seclusion in a true Eden, or for those simply looking for incredible beaches, the beach is a mosaic of white and pink, and the lush, green mountains in the distance provide the impression of total seclusion.

Visitors to the Seychelles can choose from a variety of islands, each with its own special appeal, and can explore by traveling from one beautiful location to the next, stopping to rest on uninhabited beaches overlooking the serpentine kilometers of reefs.

We’ve put together a list of our five favorite Eco-friendly hotels in Seychelles in this lush, colorful island country that is both opulent and environmentally friendly.

1. Story Seychelles Hotel

The Best Beach Resort on the Island of Mahe in the Seychelles. Located near Beau Vallon Beach, one of Mahè’s most luxurious neighborhoods, only 10 minutes from Victoria (the capital), 10 minutes from Morne Seychelles National Park, and 20 minutes from Seychelles International Airport. Beau Vallon Beach, with its 3 kilometers of white sand beach and blue water, is Mahe’s sole year-round swimmable beach. 

The Boutique Resort boasts a natural reef just 50 meters from the beach, making it one of the best Seychelles honeymoon destinations. In the luxury of this 5* Boutique Resort, make memories that will last a lifetime. Tranquil, environmentally friendly, and culturally connected, thanks to its Creole colonial architecture and seychelois.

2. Unspoiled landscapes:-

Expect nothing but unspoiled landscapes, charming creole hospitality, and a new level of indulgence at this paradise resort, which is known for its azure turquoise waters, sparkling white beaches, and lush emerald foliage. A wanderlust’s dream awaits in their one-of-a-kind Grand Beach Pool Villa. 

They are located near the beach and feature a canopied king-sized bed, living area, sofa, separate dining room, and a long list of luxury facilities. With a big outdoor pool, deck space, relaxing pavilion, and outdoor rain shower, the private terrace area redefine heaven. 

They are completely private and only a stone’s throw from the resort’s azure ocean. This is their best suggestion for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

The resort, which first opened its doors in 2015, is also one of the few significant businesses in Seychelles with its own food composter, which recycles kitchen and food waste before repurposing it to maintain its lush grounds. 

It also has its own spice and herb mini-garden and recycles plastic, cans, and glass bottles by motivating its employees to do so. You can also find the best sustainable beach bar in Seychellesin this lovely resort

3. The Constance Ephelia Restort

Embrace the extravagant accomodation of The Constance Ephelia Resort if you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury during your vacation in Seychelles. The resort is located on two of Mahe’s most magnificent beaches, spanning 120 hectares of lush greenery. The marine national park of Port Launay can be seen in the distance while roaming the verdant environment of the hotel grounds. 

They have a lot of rooming possibilities. Wake up to a fresh breath of breeze blowing through the lush garden as you stay in one of the Tropical Garden View Rooms. Private furnished terraces (ideal for sunbathing!) are available in the junior suites, which are just steps away from the beach. 

You will slumber blissfully in your own private sanctuary when you stay in one of the Spa Villas. Tropical Garden View Rooms, Senior Suites, Family Villas, Beach Villas, and the Presidential Suite are some of the other lodging options.

4. The Carana Beach Resort 

On the island of Mahe, the Carana Beach Resort was created to highlight and assimilate the tremendous natural beauty that surrounds it. The resort welcomes you to discover the actual island experience by building an “authentic Seychellois hideaway” with 40 large chalets, each with spectacular sea-front views of the turquoise water, framed by thick rainforest and gigantic granite pillars that surround the white-sand beaches.

Every chalet combines traditional island architecture with contemporary décor to create an easygoing, breezy atmosphere ideal for relaxing and recharging. Choose from one of the 12 villas that feature a private plunge pool with views of the ocean. Use the cabanas to relax and meditate before or after dipping your toes. In the sand or taking a dip in the ocean. Throughout the day, a variety of eating options, including beach orders, are available, with each meal inspired by and sourced from the hotel’s family-owned farm.

5. The Acajou Beach Resort

The Acajou Beach Resort, which opened in 1996, is a Seychellois-owned company. Dedicated to maintaining a sustainable facility that promotes and maintains Seychelles’ Creole culture. Due to the natural timber-themed design of its concept, the term stems from the French word for “mahogany.” 

The hotel, which has been a sustainable resort since its inception. Underwent renovations in 2014, during which new modern technology was introduced to further minimize the property’s carbon impact. A solar panel system provides energy for the bulk of the hotel’s lighting and air conditioning. 

A new waste-management system and sewage-treatment plan have also been implements. To reduce the hotel’s waste, while another project is helping to landscape. The grounds and increase the fruit harvest of fruits, vegetables, and spices.

6. Six Senses Zil Pasyon

The newly opened Six Senses Zil Pasyon. The only resort on the private Felicitie Island (a satellite of La Digue) famed. For its enormous granite rocks and white-sand beaches, is just stunning. Decadent pool villas with one or many bedrooms are available as accommodations. All villas have their own sundeck, an infinity pool, and large bow windows, making them both spacious and warm. Each room has its own garden with an outdoor shower—truly bliss.

Six Senses is just as forward with its dedication to conservation as the resort is with its beauty. Habitat restoration, specifically the protection of rare local species and the eradication of invasive pests. Is a crucial subject for keeping the island paradise. 

Furthermore, by installing its own reverse osmosis facility and crystal water refinery. The resort has removed the need for plastic bottles. To encourage conservation as a way of life, all of the pool villas have rainwater showers.

While this tropical paradise may appear to most as a beautiful haven. For those seeking the ultimate getaway and the best all-inclusive resorts offers in Seychelles. The country differs from most island locations in terms of geology. It is the only mid-ocean archipelago forms primarily of granite in the world. Plant and animal life perished throughout its history as a result of colonial settlers and more modern development. 

However, thanks to the country’s tourism industry’s efforts to use green facilities. Visitors to this slice of heaven can choose from among the most environmentally friendly hotels accessible everywhere.

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