How to Win at Enterprise SEO in 2021

How to Win at Enterprise SEO in 2021

2020 was tough for small business owners. They had to deal with the severe consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Some businesses even decided to close because of the lack of profits. The good thing is that 2021 seems to look better. With the vaccine rollout, things might get back to normal. In 2020, several businesses moved to e-commerce platforms. Given the closure of retail stores, there’s no choice but to consider online platforms to continue the business. Therefore, in 2021, the focus should be on pursuing these online marketing strategies. It’s the best way to stand out and win the day. Specifically, the company should have an enterprise SEO strategy. It’s a strategy for companies with massive and complex structures. However, even small companies and agencies may also be referred to as an enterprise. 

Tips to win at enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is about the management of digital campaigns. It integrates different platforms and strategies to benefit the business. The issue is that over time, SEO became more difficult. Google kept changing the standards in determining which pages to rank higher. There are also more businesses competing for the same keywords. Hence, these tips to win at enterprise SEO in 2021 will help. 

  • Plan to target the low-hanging fruits. The best way to start is by targeting the sites ranked 11-20 or the ones on the second page. Understand the qualities possessed by these pages and why they’re quite high on the ranking. Some tools help analyze different metrics. For instance, the pages might have high-quality backlinks or contain exciting content. The reason for targeting these pages is that they’re easier to displace. Once the website makes it on the second or third pages, it’s easier to move to the first page. Besides, some people are patient enough to dig into these pages. It’s better than not ranking on any of the top pages. 
  • Improve the content. People have higher expectations about enterprises. They understand that small business websites aren’t perfect. The content might not be of top-quality, either. However, it’s not the same as enterprises. There’s a higher expectation. The content should be of excellent quality. There should also be more information available. Besides, Google prefers pages with great content. They will rank higher in search engines. Start by analyzing the content published by the top pages. Determine which information stands out and try to do better. Of course, releasing more content isn’t enough. It should be of high-quality and well-researched. Users will have more reasons like civil discourse to stay after browsing the page.
  • Target the featured snippet box. The featured snippet appears on top of the first page on Google. It’s the authority link. People will probably ignore the rest and focus on the highlighted response. In a way, it’s Google’s endorsed answer. Most people expect top brands to appear on this box. There should be an effort to be on this part of the ranking page to increase visibility. The key is to find the keywords that are yet to have a snippet box. Then, there should be more quality content to help boost the ranking. It also helps to have a summary of the response through bullet points. Most answers appearing on the snippet box are the shortened version. People want to get precise and brief answers. Another strategy is to look for the most common questions asked by potential customers. The content should provide specific responses to these questions. Try to answer the questions in 100 words or less. If the goal is to displace current answers on the snippet box, the website should provide better answers.
  • Build links. It’s always about link building when it comes to SEO. Pages will rank higher if they have more links to other websites. It’s also not just any other link. The quality of these links also matters. Start by locating the website to links with and use different strategies such as guest blogging and responding to forums. It’s also crucial to distribute the links across different platforms and pages. It makes the website more visible and easier for Google to rank it higher.

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Enterprise SEO takes time and effort. To succeed in this endeavor, the company should spend more time and effort. There should be an analysis of the existing businesses on top. There are also agencies providing services related to SEO. They understand the process and will find ways for the business to do better. Some of them worked with other enterprises before and managed to push them higher. These services aren’t for free, but they’re worth the price. For small business owners, spending money is a risk that will yield great results at times. 

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