How to Use InVideo video Editor

How to Use InVideo video Editor

Creating a video requires careful planning and meticulous execution. Just having a great story and well-recorded clips won’t be enough. Even the best clips must undergo a basic color correction if you want to present yourself as a professional. Depending on the quality of the clips and the intended use of the video, you may need a more detailed editing.

InVideo is an innovative tool that is a one-stop solution for all your video editing needs. The well-stocked media library complements your filmed clips and allows you to achieve exceptional results.  Even inexperienced people can choose from thousands of templates available in InVideo and create content that stands out.  In this article, we will walk you through a detailed guide on how to use InVideo to find promotional content.

Choosing a video template

When you launch the InVideo tool, you will have the option to choose one of the models below.

Predefined templates

InVideo has a rich collection of thousands of video templates. These are carefully categorized, allowing you to easily find the right fit when you need a quick solution to video creation.

Video synthesis templates

Choose this template when you have prepared a script and want to make a video of it. Blogs, articles, movie reviews, etc., can be turned into engaging video content.

Empty model

If you have prior experience in video creation and want complete control of the video creation process, try opting for a blank template.

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After selecting a video template, you need to select the size. InVideo allows you to work on 16:9, 1:1 and 9:16 formats. Click on the “Use this template” option after being satisfied with your choices.

Adding text to the video

Since most social media users have their phones silent while watching video content, adding texts is an integral part of your video creation journey.  To add the texts, you can delete the existing text in the text box provided in your template and add your content.

If your template doesn’t have a text box, you can add one by clicking on the “Text” option on the left side of your screen. Add the appropriate text box and type the header, subtitle, or body text.

Amendment of texts

Just having textual content won’t be enough, and you need to make them visually appealing. To edit the text, click the text box and select the category in the upper-right corner of your editor’s screen. You can then decide on the size, color, font, and other visual details. InVideo allows you to experiment with your text using drop shadow, text animations, and text box animations.

Editing the template storyboard

InVideo allows your entire library on the storyboard of a chosen template. To change the background of a scene, simply move the cursor over the timeline and select the scene. You then click the background of the storyboard.

You will find the “Video Editing” option in the menu on the right side of your screen. Depending on your video editing needs, crop, loop, or cut the content. This is where you will find options for video animation, changing playback speed, and editing other aspects of the storyboard.

Organization of scenes

The choice and arrangement of scenes is a crucial part of any video editing. InVideo simplifies adjusting the scene and allows you to complete the task in no time.

  • The timeline section of the editor page has the “Add scene” option. You can click on it to download your video clips or choose from invideo’s library.
  • To delete a scene, click the three dots that appear in the middle of the area you see in the timeline section. A pop-up window will open and you need to select the Delete option.
  • In InVideo, reordering clips is extremely simple. All you need to do is click on the Stage and drag it to the position you want it to appear in.

Changing the scene timeline

Most video sharing platforms have an ideal video length. It is therefore important for content creators to take into account the duration of clips when editing. To change the stage time, you must drag the slider to inVideo’s default timeline. First, turn to the right side of your scene area, and then sign the slider on the white dotted lines around the stage. Left-click on the dotted line and drag it to get to the ideal duration of your scene.

Adding transitions to scenes

Transitions move from one image to another. This has a significant impact on the overall video quality. You will find the “Curtain Call Top” option to the right and left of your scene box. Click on it to explore the different transition effects you can add to your storyboard screen.

InVideo offers detailed transition effects and allows you to duplicate your scenes at ease. If you have prior experience in video editing and prefer a traditional approach, you can use InVideo’s advanced timeline feature. When zooming in and out of scenes, InVideo gives you detailed control over each element of the clip.

Adding and editing music

Music helps video to stand out from images, texts, and other forms of static media. With the right music, you can give your viewers a better context of the video content. To add music to your videos, select the “Music” tab in your InVideo asset library.  Download an audio file from your collection or choose from the huge music library. You will be a music bar in your timeline. You can then drag and drop the bar to edit the music to your liking.

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Integration of voiceover in videos

For demo videos, tutorials, and game videos, voiceovers are an important video element. Click on the “Add VO” option at the bottom of the editor page. You will then have the option to download recorded voiceovers, record the speech on site or convert written texts into speech.

Depending on your preferences, follow the prompts to finish adding voiceovers. A unique feature of InVideo is its ability to choose from three different types of voices while delivering speech. You can also create a voiceover in multiple global languages.

InVideo presents an effortless approach to video creation. With this tool, you can create promotional videos that match your content goals and are suitable for different social media platforms. With InVideo, you open the doors to a future of possibilities. This is especially true for companies that want to look for quick video creation solutions for their marketing gains.

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