How To Use A Rosin Press?

How To Use A Rosin Press?

If you want to extract Rosin from cannabis at home, you will be looking to use a rosin press. With the help of a rosin press, you can make cannabis bud more flavorful and effective as Rosin is the only type of cannabis that can easily be extracted at home, and it gives long-term effects with its small amount of usage.

Cannabis has many types of extractions, including wax, shatter, and live resin. These extractions take time and also have a complicated procedure to extract. You can extract these cannabis extractions by using special equipment and solvents such as butane. Know that these procedures are hazardous to perform at home. So, do not try to extract these cannabis concentrations yourself. On the other hand, it is pretty easier to extract by applying heat and pressure when it comes to Rosin.

For What A Rosin Press Is Used? 

Rosin is the cannabis that can be extracted as rosin dabs, and it follows a thorough procedure. A rosin press is a tool that is particular made for the extraction of Rosin. It comes with flat iron plates that put pressure on cannabis and apply a high level of heat. You will witness Rosin coming out of your product at that instant. Now, you can use a collection tool to store it anywhere you want.

Rosin press is a handy machine to collect your desired products from cannabis. If you want to extract Rosin from the cannabis flower, you can try this press on it as well. Rosin can also be extracted from other products like Hash, Kief, and Hamp flower. You can easily extract Rosin from these products for extra hitting effects. Some people also use a hair straightener to extract Rosin, but using a rosin press is more effective and approachable.

How Can You Make A Rosin Press?

Before making a rosin press, you certainly need some products to make it at home. For this, first, you need to buy a rosin press that you can buy online. You can purchase the best rosin press under 500$ on Amazon easily. So, there is no stress of spending a lot of budget for the extraction of Rosin. Then, you need a cannabis flower to extract Rosin, and also a small collection container. You also need a scooping tool for collecting the Rosin away. You can again buy a Rosin Bag if it is feasible. Luckily, you can make these purchases all online.

  • Make Online Purchase Of Rosin Press

You can buy rosin press online according to your budget. No worries, you can have the best rosin press under 500$. You can purchase large presses if you want to, and also you can have small, efficient, and portable presses. So, buy it at your convenience.

  • Materials Required For Extraction 

For extraction, your priority must be cannabis flower, and you can find extra rich flavored Rosin from it as cannabis flower is the best for making high-THC rosin extracts. You also have other options to go for, such as Hash. You can also use CBD products such as Hemp and Kief for a non-psychoactive alternative.

There are also certain accessories that you need for scooping the extract and collecting them. Before extracting the product, you need to wrap the chosen product into a parchment paper to prevent Rosin from sticking to the plates. You must need rosin bags if you are extracting Rosin from Hash or Kief. For collecting the Rosin, you need a scooping tool, and to store it, you need a silicone container as well.

  • Collecting Tools

How To Use A Rosin Press? 

Once you are done with making your purchases, the rest is pretty simple.

Steps To Use A Rosin Press

The steps to use a rosin press are as follow:

  • Before initiating the extraction, get all your products ready.
  • Place the cannabis or hemp flower between the two pieces of a parchment paper.
  • If it is Kief or Hash, it should be placed into a rosin bag first before wrapping them into a parchment paper.
  • Turn on your rosin press before to preheat it.
  • Adjust the temperature settings of the rosin press between 220 to 250 °F for ideal extraction.
  • Lower temperature between 150 to 220 °F will give you volatile and more flavored dabs of Rosin.
  • Once the plates get hot, put on the gloves, and place the wrapped cannabis product between the plates.
  • Press the packaged product strongly for a few seconds.
  • You will see Rosin coming out of the edges.
  • It mostly takes a single time pressing for extracting the Rosin.
  • You can repeat the procedure for extracting plenty of Rosin.
  • When you get done with extraction, turn the press off and let the product and press cool down.
  • Once the extraction is cool, use your collection tool for scooping.
  • Collect all the extraction into a silicon container.

Advantages Of Using A Rosin Press

  • Using a rosin press at home gives you efficiency. It does not only save you time and energy but also money with high efficiency.
  • As the rosin press prevents you from using solvents for extraction, so it is not dangerous. Rosin press provides safety and security.
  • A rosin press provides you versatile options and does not let your money go in vain. It benefits variably like heat, pressure, density, shape, color, and flavor.

Rosin press is not something on which you have to invest a lot. You can have the best rosin press under 500$.


Extracting Rosin at home does not take many efforts, and you can easily make Rosin while staying in your comfort zone. Whether it is Hash, Cannabis Flower, or Kief, it is now pretty feasible to extract them all at home. Even if you do not want to spend under 500 dollars or you have a lesser budget, you can extract Rosin from cannabis through a hair straightener or presser. You just have to press the package and collect the extract in your storing container. So, do it at your place without rushing elsewhere.

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