How to Start Your Own PPC Ad Agency

Starting your PPC ad agency is both exciting and rewarding. You help businesses succeed with their paid ads strategies. At the same time, you can earn considerable profit as search ad spending of companies continues to grow year after year. 

More companies are seeing the great benefits of paid advertising. Search ads spending was $144.8 billion worldwide in 2021 and is expected to grow to 163 billion USD by 2022

If you’ve decided to start your own PPC agency but are unsure about the process, we make things easier for you with this PPC startup guide. 

Complete Your Certifications reports that proper setup is vital for a PPC agency to become profitable. And one of the first things to consider is completing your certifications for pay-per-click.

PPC expertise arises from carefully learning the ropes of the industry you’re focused on. It helps if you acquire certifications from top PPC platforms such as Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing.

Certifications show your prospects that you’ve spent time and effort doing an in-depth study of paid advertising. Having industry-standard certifications for PPC will strengthen client trust. 

Businesses looking for a reliable PPC agency don’t just want a mediocre company to run their paid ad campaigns. Instead, they want an agency that relies on time-tested strategies to help them succeed. Thus, they will likely consider your services because of your certifications. 

Consider the Services You Wish to Offer

One of the first things that your prospects look at is your services. You must consider early on the services that you will offer. Take into account the following. 

  • What PPC channel do you plan to concentrate on? PPC companies offer specialized services considering the various paid ad channels available. You may provide social media PPC or AdWords PPC. Define your services as you form your company.
  • PPC plus SEO? Some agencies focus on providing PPC and search engine optimization (SEO), which are interconnected. PPC gives you quick results, so you can use PPC keywords that generate more traffic to optimize your website. Offer SEO and PPC to give you an edge over other PPC firms.
  • Web design or web development with PPC? Web design impacts a PPC campaign as users will only buy or take advantage of your clients’ offers if they find their website appealing, helpful, and updated.
  • Full-service approach or specialization in one or two of these fields? You can offer both if you’re ready. However, remember that simultaneously offering various services may not be efficient. It may only convince your prospects that they need an expert to help them in these areas.

Create Your Business Structure

Your online business needs a structure and legal framework. For businesses in the U.S., establish an LLC or an S-corp to make tax filing more manageable and help you protect your assets. 

An LLC has a simple and versatile business structure ideal for small businesses. An LLC offers personal liability protection and pass-through tax advantages. Meanwhile, an S-corp offers limited liability protection and exemption from federal income tax.

Hire a professional to help you register your business with all the paperwork. Getting these things done will also prepare for any legal issues in the future.

Create Your PPC Services Contract

A lawyer can help you draft a contract to define specifically and clearly what your business is all about, including your services, fees, and all other aspects of your business. You need a contract template that defines your project, including your deliverables, how you plan to resolve disagreements, indemnities, and deadlines.

Your contract will also specify your intellectual property and non-disclosure of data, strategies, and technologies. A fool-proof contract template can prevent anyone from taking advantage of your business.

Make a List of Prospects

With your contract settled and your business structured, you can create a list of your prospects. Depending on your specialization, you can scout for candidates through your previous employers, local directories, previous and current customers, and from industries where you worked before.

Once you’ve got a list, qualify your prospects according to user behaviors. Also include factors such as their paid ads needs, budgets, and willingness to embrace new paid ads strategies.

Develop Your Sales Pitch

Like promoting any business, you must develop a good sales pitch to sell your services and products to your prospects effectively. An engaging sales pitch comes from thorough research and conveys that you aim to solve your clients’ paid ads issues.

Also, a good sales pitch considers any objections from your prospects ahead of time, such as budget, need, time, and authority. Addressing these early on can assure your prospects that you’re the solution and you’re here to help them with their paid ad strategies.

Meet with Your Prospects and Create Proposals

Give your prospects time to consider your PPC services by asking them the best time to meet and discuss your services. Before the scheduled meeting, research their business and their customers. Find the latest digital marketing and paid ads trends that affect their industries.

During your meeting, discuss your prospects’ objectives, budgets, pain points, and business processes. Having all this information at hand helps you customize paid ad proposals. 

Your proposal should include the services you plan to offer, timing or deadlines, investments, and dependencies. Include these items in your contract to avoid confusion and any delays.

Negotiating Your Rates and Fees

In case your client rejects your proposal, negotiate. You may adjust your scope and rates but only when necessary. Before you respond, consider how far you are willing to negotiate. Don’t regret walking away from a deal. If you believe you can solve your prospect’s pain points, don’t hesitate to ask for a fair price.

Final Words

Consider these strategies to start your PPC ad agency. With these time-tested tactics, you can land your first client and work on your first campaigns. Soon, you can develop a case study to promote your business further and secure a winning testimonial and customer review.

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