How to Prepare for your Class 8 exams

How to Prepare for your Class 8 exams

8th class is a class that is the last one of your elementary education and as you are going to step into high school after this, it is not only important to perform well in this class but also to prepare yourself for the change in the pattern and academic pressure you are going to witness. To score well it is important that you are familiar with the syllabus and weightage of different topics. If you attempt the exams unprepared like you might have done in junior classes you will be unpleasantly surprised as the 8th class curriculum is designed to set you up for your high school so it is not as easy to score well as it was earlier.

Below we mention some important tips and points to keep in mind to ensure you are going to ace your class 8th.

Make a Schedule

It is important to look at the syllabus properly and devise a plan or schedule on how you are going to cover it on your own terms. Try not to copy different timetables or schedules suggested by people online instead make one that is suitable to your lifestyle and one that ensures you are giving your optimum performance. Note down all the important topics and the ones you might find difficult and prioritize them over the others. Maintain a list of all the formulas which might be forgettable to make sure you do not forget them before the exam.

Chose your books wisely

If your school is like the DAVs that have their own books for their curriculum until class 8th, stick to them. If your school has the NCERT books in its curriculum, see to it that you are covering the NCERT with your whole mind in it. 

One advantage of NCERT books is that they have a large number of sample problems which will help you understand the concept even better. So even if your school is using a different set of books you can always refer to NCERTs for their question bank as it is really helpful. Class 8 NCERT Books are available widely both offline at local bookstores or even online at shopping sites or in the form of PDFs as linked earlier.

Improve your time management during the exam

Your class 8th final question papers will be significantly longer than the ones you have attempted up to class 7th. So it is important that you improve your speed of attempting the paper to ensure you do not run out of time. You also need to improve your time management skills for planning your studies to accommodate the increased academic pressure.

One of the most efficient and common ways to improve your speed and accuracy of attempting the question paper is practicing a lot of sample question papers and giving lots of mock tests. If you can master your time management skills through the phase of attempting mock tests, that will be very helpful in the final examination as you will be most certainly guaranteed to not run out of time.

Analyzing the question paper before starting and deciding how much time you are going to give to each section of the paper will help you a lot in managing the time during the exams in a very well-organized way.

Prioritize on writing during your preparation

Writing down answers to questions even during your rough practice will help you a lot in many different ways. First of all, it will help you retain the content better as it will create a slight picture in your subconscious mind. Also writing down answers instead of just reciting them in your head will help you prepare for the exam. It also increases your writing speed which will again, in turn, prove to be of massive help during the exams.

Also sometimes you might get stuck in some problems if you are trying to solve them inside your head, this phenomenon is more common in subjects like Mathematics where you need to solve the problem, so in these situations where you are stuck at a particular problem you will find out that writing down whatever comes inside your head will help you massively in solving the problem and getting out of that strut.

Bonus Tips

  • Really master the sample problems in the NCERT books as they help a lot in conceptualizing the text you have read.
  • For mathematics make a list of all the important formulas and practice lots of graph questions as they can be very tricky in exams.
  • As the SST syllabus is massive ensure that you start its preparation very early so you do not panic in the last days to cover everything at once.
  • Practicing your English writing skills by maintaining a personal diary or a Blogspot will really help you boost your skills.
  • Attempt as many previous year question papers prepared by your school as you can to get a clear picture of the format of the papers you are going to attempt in the final examinations.
  • Have a positive and calm attitude in your preparation. Do not panic too much as this class is not going to affect your future at all. Just make sure you are learning something in your preparation along with scoring well in the exams.


While your class 8 might be more difficult as compared to the previous exams, you can still perform wonderfully if you prepare in a smart and feasible way. Have a healthy schedule with a perfect study life balance and choose your study material wisely as we have mentioned above. After improving some vital examination skills like time management, speed, and accuracy, you are very probable to do well in your exams. Follow the miscellaneous advice for different subjects and listen carefully to your teachers and you are almost guaranteed to do well. We hope that this article helped clear your doubts on how to prepare for your class 8 exams. All the best:)

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