How to Prepare for Punjab Patwari Exam 2021 in 1 Month

How to Prepare for Punjab Patwari Exam 2021 in 1 Month

The Punjab SS Board allows the candidates to join for posts of Revenue Patwari, Irrigation Booking Clerk, and Zilladars under the Punjab Patwari Recruitment 2021. There is a total of 1152 vacancies available.

The exam was initially going to be held in May 2021. However, due to the surge in the covid -19 pandemic, it will now be conducted in August 2021. With only one month left for the exam, it is time to begin your preparation in full swing. In this article, we will guide the aspirants with a complete study plan that will help them prepare for the Punjab Patwari 2021 exam.

Punjab patwari 2021 preparation

Before beginning the preparation plan, you must understand the exam pattern. As you already know it consists of one two-hour long written exam. Only those candidates who have cleared the cut-off of the exam will proceed to document verification.

The table given below will give you the marks distribution according to subjects.

                Subject  Maximum Questions            Marks
General Knowledge and Awareness         20              20
Mental Ability         15              15
Quantitative Aptitude         30              30
Language (Punjabi and English)         20              20
Agriculture         10              10
Information -Technology         15              15
Punjab History & Culture         10              10
                 Total         120              120

Study plan for Punjab patwari 2021 exam

Usually, preparation for the patwari exam begins two or three months prior to the exam. However,the goal of preparing it in one month is not unachievable. Therefore, in order to prepare the whole syllabus in one month, you must keep your focus and follow the study plan well.

You must plan according to the time in hand and distribute the topics in three consecutive weeks.

In addition, you must always follow the syllabus when preparing to make sure none of the topics are left. It is also important to do revisions of past topics every week. Solve previous year’s questions to help yourself compose the idea of the kind of questions that will be asked in the exam. Give more importance to topics that carry more weightage. As you already know the syllabus let us distribute the topics broadly over three weeks.

Week1- Since Qualitative aptitude (30) and General knowledge (20) carry higher weightage. You can begin your preparation from these topics.

  • In order to prepare for general knowledge, you can follow books that are available in the market such as General Knowledge by Arihant and Lucent. However, do not stick to only one book as it may not have all the topics included in your syllabus. It is always good to refer to two or three books for a complete understanding of your topics. You can refer to NCRT books for the same.
  • For qualitative aptitude, the first thing you want to learn is completing the sums in a short amount of time. Since the exam is just 2 hours in duration, and there are a lot of topics to cover, time management is the key.  Practice the sums and keep a timer with you. Record the time taken to solve each problem and try to minimize it with every sum. In order to achieve this, it is important to keep your concepts clear so that you do not waste much time in understanding the question. Basic requirements of the question such as formulas and methods of solving should be learned by heart.

The topics you can cover in the first week are-

             Week 1             Day        Topic 1         Topic 2
                                        1               1 Current affairs       Mensuration
               2Geography and history of India      Simplification
               3Administrative and Constitutional law      Ratio/Proportion
               4Social and economic developmentData Interpretation
               5 Freedom and social movementsTime and work problems
                6Revise topics Solve past year question papers
                7Revise topicsSolve mock test papers

Week 2– In the second week, you can focus on completing three topics related to Languages (Punjabi and English) (20) Information technology (15), and Mental ability (15). By doing this you will be left with very few topics by the end of the second week. Therefore, you can revise more.

  • For problems related to languages, you can follow English newspapers. This will help you learn new words and meanings. You can keep a note of the new words that you learn daily.
  • For information technology, you can follow computer application books that give you detailed information regarding gadgets and problems. You can practice by solving mock test papers.
  • Mental ability is mainly based on logical questions; therefore, you can score well in this section. The more you solve logic-based problems, the more practice you will get. Try to solve as many reasoning problems as to understand the concept. You might want to pick up the pace here, as there are many topics to be covered in one week.
      Week 2        Day     Topic 1    Topic 2      Topic 3
                  2          1 Grammar related questionsBasics of computers and gadgetsProblems – Logical thinking, common sense tests
          2Fill the blanksFundamentals of Networks and ComputersBlood relation Problems/Odd one out
          3Revise past days topicsSolve mock test papersSolve past years questions
          4Word problemsUse of office toolsAnalogical problems
          5Adjective comparison, prepositions, articlesUnderstanding messengers and tracing, SMS/emailsCoding/ decoding problems
          6  Active/Passive voice and Indirect/Direct speech Wireless technology, cyber and internet lawsArrangement of words/ Direction, calendar, and date problems
          7RevisionSolve mock test papersBreak

Week 3- In the final week, you can focus on topics that have the least weightage. This will help you take out more time for revision of the entire syllabus. The final two topics are Agriculture (10) and Punjab Culture and history (10).

  • The agriculture section is mainly based on the agriculture of Punjab, the crops that are available and terms related to crops.
  • In Punjab Culture and History, you will be asked questions regarding important personalities in Punjab’s history. Research well and make a list of important people and past movements. Make notes on people who have played a major role in the past. Refer to questions from this topic from past papers and find relevant people who might have been added to the list.
       Week 3         Day   Topic 1         Topic2
                              3           1Crops/ Sowing period/ IrrigationBritish period/National movement (Punjab)
            2Soils/Agriculture and its economic developmentPunjabi literature/ art and craft/ Folklore
            3Agro industry/ Food / Harmful insectsSikh rulers/Mughals and Lodhis/ Gurus and saints/ Sufis
            4Revise past days preparationSolve mock test papers
            5Revise weak topicsSolve mock test on entire syllabus
            6Briefly go through all the topics in detail     Break
            7Revision on entire syllabusSolve mock test papers and practice papers

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The candidates need to make sure to remain focused on the last month of preparation. Follow the Punjab Patwari preparation strategy given in this article. It is important to complete all the topics before the exam date. During this time, you should follow a well-planned strategy that can help you perform well in the Patwari 2021.

  • Follow a timetable- Make sure that you study regularly during this time
  • Follow a proper routine to make sure that you are prepared nicely for each subject.
  • Do revisions: Take out time to revise every week. Revise every topic that you have covered in the previous weeks to be sure that you remember most of the topics.
  •  Solve previous years papers: Solving the previous year papers will be helpful to test your preparation. In addition, it will help you compose an idea of the kind of questions and pattern that will be asked in the exam.
  • Take frequent breaks: You should take breaks frequently. Without it, your performance can decrease rapidly.

Practice, revision and understanding are the three key reasons that will help you crack the Patwari Exam 2021. if you have more education blog than write for us

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