How to pick the best recruitment software for UK agencies

How to pick the best recruitment software for UK agencies

When it comes to purchasing recruitment software for UK agencies, there are some indispensable features and functionalities to look out for. Recruiters must bear in mind that recruitment agencies have some needs that vary according to the type of Digital Marketing Agency and services they deliver. However, there are some fundamental tools that all agencies need.

So, here is a list of the most essential features and services that recruitment software for UK agencies must offer.

1. Compliance checks

This should be on every agency’s top of the list. Now recruitment software must have the ability to implement GDPR and IR35 compliance checks. There are steep fines to pay if the government discovers that organisations are not sticking to the regulations. While GDPR has been put in operation since 2018, IR35 is set to be fully functional from April 2021. IR35 was pushed back a full year due to the global pandemic.

2. Candidate screening

It’s part of a recruiter’s job to screen candidates and ensure that their right to work documents are updated. Some positions might also need quick assessments of candidates’ DBS and reference checks. For agencies that place temporary workers or deliver services to sectors like healthcare and education, recruitment software delivers quick and automated candidate screening is extremely essential.

3. Automated admin tasks

The most instant effect of recruitment software is the increase in productivity. In the majority of cases, there is an exponential boost in efficiency after recruiters start using recruitment software daily. Certain administrative tasks have to be carried out often during every new candidate search. But these tasks, like CV parsing and branding, can be quite repetitive, tedious and time-consuming. However, they are crucial to a recruiter’s work so there’s no avoiding the work. This is where recruitment software is valuable. It can accomplish these tasks very quickly and efficiently. There are also fewer chances of making mistakes.

4. Cloud-based system

Remote work has become a firm reality due to the pandemic that affected every part of the world. Hence, recruitment agencies need to enquire after cloud-based service when seeking recruitment software. With a cloud-based software system, recruiters can work from anywhere. Previously, without this advantage, recruiters would need their office desktop if they wanted access to certain data or if they needed to upload or share a report. Now, the data is hosted in the cloud which means storing and accessing files and data is extremely easy and convenient.

5. Back support

If agencies have found a software system but if the supplier doesn’t have a good reputation in providing quality service then it is best to move on to do more thorough research. Consistent quality service should also be on the list of priorities when software hunting. Most recruiters are not tech experts and will require some sort of training and assistance. If the software supplier provides mediocre training and never seems to pick up calls when users need support then it is a huge loss for the agency. Therefore, careful vetting before making the ultimate decision is crucial.

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