How to make electrolyzed water at home

How to make electrolyzed water at home

Electrolyzed water is made by passing water and salt through the process of electrolysis. This water acts as the best disinfectant and antibacterial spray to clean your house. You can make this water at your home and there is no need to buy expensive sprays or substances. You can make this disinfectant spray at your home by using simple water and water. This water and salt is converted into the best disinfectant by passing through the process of electrolysis. When the electric current passes through the mixture of salt and water, it makes ions in the solution and turns the solution into electrolyzed water. This electrolyzed water acts as the natural disinfectant cleaner.

Homemade Electrolyzed water

You don’t need to buy electrolyzed water from any store because you can easily make it at home. You will surely think that how you can pass the current through water and salt solution? Yes it looks tricky and complicated to pass electric current through salt and water to make it multi surface cleaner. Are you really looking for something that will work for all people living under the same roof? This homemade disinfectant will really work and you don’t’ have to focus on the machine for making electrolyzed water.

How to make

It is very easy to make homemade electrolyzed water with Egret. Yes, Egret is the hero who will make a best disinfectant for you. You just have to mix water and salt in egret and get the best antibacterial solution. Egret is a specially designed machine which has specialized technology to convert water and salt solution into electrolyzed water.

Just Add water and salt in Egret and turn it on. Current will pass through the solution and split the elements into ions. Then it will convert the simple solution of water and salt into electrolyze water. You best disinfectant is ready. This disinfectant spray is all purpose cleaner. You don’t have to pour the electrolyze water in some other jar or spray bottle. Egret is the best spray bottle and you can easily spray the electrolyzed waters anywhere to disinfect the surface.

Benefits of Egret and electrolyzed water

Egret is the specially designed and patented machine by Egret Labs. It is playing its best role in the current crisis of Covid-19. Everyone is concerned about cleaning and disinfecting their houses and working places. So Egret is playing its role very well to clean and disinfect your places. By using Egret, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get best homemade disinfectant
  • Can easily prepare electrolyze water
  • No harmful thing
  • The solution is not poisonous so you can use this spray without any tension
  • You can use the natural disinfectant spray even for your baby and his accessories
  • Disinfect the fruits, fridges and freezers
  • Easy to use
  • Remove all germs
  • No chemicals which are harmful for your health
  • Clean the areas where your hand can’t reach
  • Clean the corners and carpets

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