If you wish to go to college, succeed in college or build a future in any industry that involves academic study, then How to Improve Study Habits by Christine Reidhead is the guide you should be looking to read now.

Many parents find it difficult to help their kids raise their grades, especially during the lockdowns. Unfortunately, students are not finding it easier. Many students find it difficult to concentrate on studying as they stay at home, with their focus usually shifting to distractions on their smartphones and computers. Others still find it difficult to find the discipline or drive to sit for hours and study at home. The fact that they have stayed away from school and learning for some time makes it even more discouraging to stay focused and get the desired results from studying.

How to Improve Study Habits by Christine Reidhead shares the following important pieces of information in detail to help learners develop good study habits:

  • The different types of learners we have so that the student reading can know what category they fall into and how best they can learn based on this grouping.
  • How to understand study skills, so that you can use these skills to increase your focus and achieve your reading goals every day.
  • How to know bad study habits: so that you can avoid the terrible study habits you have been using for some time now and focus on building habits that guarantee your success.
  • Best places to study: How you can pick the best environments that will help you stay focused and study properly. You will also learn how to make your current environment suitable for learning.
  • Effects of studying excessively: Too much study can be detrimental. The book dives into detail on why studying excessively is bad and the effects it can have on you. It also shares some signs that show that you have been working excessively so that you can
  • How to keep up with online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: Here you see some important tips on how you can cope with the lockdowns and make the best out of online classes during the pandemic.
  • And many more.

Needless to say, How to Improve Study Habits is the perfect weapon you need in your arsenal if you are a:

  • Student struggling with online learning, studying at home and trying to improve your grades,
  • Teacher trying to encourage your students to learn online, or
  • Parent trying to help your kids make the best out of their study time during the pandemic.

Christine Reidhead understands the struggles that come with helping your children study for better grades as a mother herself. Her love for education has driven her to work with various humanitarian organizations, including Afrikrising, which she founded to help deal with educational and food limitations for poor children in Africa.

Her understanding of academic excellence and her drive for improvement has made her write many books, including Get That Job! ACE Your JOB Interview- Every Time! and Best Study Habits! She brings that wide range of knowledge into this book too, while the publisher, Four Windows Press, really shines here.

This book is a must-read if you wish to scale through COVID-19 learning without any hitches. Get it now!

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