How To Give Your Home A Celestial-Themed Luxury Home Décor Makeover?

How To Give Your Home A Celestial-Themed Luxury Home Décor Makeover?

Luxury home décor doesn’t have to be boring or classic themed contrary to common belief. We have seen plenty of modern and exciting luxury home décor trends popping up lately, and celestial-themed home décor is one of them. Humans have always been fascinated by the skyand if given the chance would includedepictions of the sky in their homes. Luckily there are a lot of companies that provide celestial-inspired luxury home décor such as Richard Clarkson Studioand can even design custom celestial-themed home décor for you. The thing is there are plenty of ways you can approach celestial-themed home décor since there are a lot of options available. If you are looking for ideas to give your home a celestial-themed luxury home décor makeover but don’t where to get inspired from then you are in the right place. This article we are going to tell you about different ways you can add the celestial touch to your home.

Top Luxury Home Décor Ideas To Give Your Home The Celestial Feel 

There are plenty of celestial-inspired luxury home décor ideas and trends that you can get inspired from or incorporate in your home. Some of the top celestial home décor ideas are as follows:

Moon lamps:Portable moonlights, and moon lamps that come with tall narrow stands are a great way to add the touch of the moon to your home. Portable moonlights are rechargeable, and they can be held in your hand to admire the beauty of the piece. The moon inspired lamps, especially ones with gold stands,can be placed beside curtains to achieve the look of tidal waves caused by a full moon. You can also get creative and get moon inspired lighting custom made by collaborating with an interior design company.

Starlights hanging from the ceiling: This is the ultimate daydream of any celestial décor enthusiast. You can find combinations of star lights in different formations that you can hang from your home’s ceiling either in the living room or the hallways. When you are going to turn these on at night time, you will be forced to stop and stare at the twinkling stars right inside your own home. Not only is this décor idea extremely adaptable and attractive but it is also very practical at the night time. Or if you want to add a more relaxing effect in your bedroom, you can install a planetarium projector inside your bedroom and turn your bedroom into the real-life night sky.

Scientifically accurate constellation map wall panels: Of course no home décor is complete with wall décor and hanging scientifically accurate constellation maps inside your living room completes your sky inspired home décor. Constellation maps can also be bought with lighting featuresthat can even be programmed to twinkle just like the constellation.

Functional Space rocket ship inspired décor pieces:  Ever wanted to launch a rocket ship into space? A space rocket décor piece with actual smoke pouring from the rear allows you to bring the rocket launch right inside your living room. These miniature rocket décor pieces are inspired by the space technology of the 20th century and contemporary designer home décor. If you are into space tech and rockets, then adding this piece to your home interior is a must.

Most high-end home decor websites nowadays offer celestial-themed luxury home décor, and you can easily find the décor mentioned above items online and in-home décor stores.

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