How To Effectively Prepare A House For Sale Success

How To Effectively Prepare A House For Sale Success

If you are looking to put your house up on the market and you want to get as much money for your property as possible, there are a few tricks that you can try to prepare for sale success. In this article, we’re going to take you through a few hacks that can help you increase the overall ‘buyability’ of your home, while potentially fetching an even bigger asking price!

1. Give it a fresh lick of paint

It might sound like a bit of a nuisance, but you’d be surprised by how effective a fresh lick of paint on a property can be. We would recommend opting for light and neutral tones. That way, potential buyers will be able to easier imagine how they would adapt the rooms themselves. Not only that, but the smell of fresh paint will inadvertently make the property feel newer.

You should also consider hanging some fresh wall art or some picture frames to give the house a little more character.

2. Try and maximise its kerb appeal

First impressions are important which is why you should try to maximise your house’s kerb appeal as best you can. You’ll want to go around the outside of the property and clean everything thoroughly. Dirty windows and cluttered guttering isn’t all that appealing. Additionally, make sure that the front garden, pathways, and fences are fresh and well-kept.

3. Carry out some routine maintenance

Go through the property and tinker away with any minor issues that could do with fixing. Look for things like cupboards that squeak when you open them, fill holes in walls, get rid of lime scale and any lingering odours, etc. As the saying goes: “the Devil is in the details.”

4. Consider updating the kitchen

Where possible you should try and modernise the kitchen. The fact is, the kitchen is one of the most valuable rooms in the house and can make or break a sale for potential buyers. So, a little investment of time and money into upgrading your kitchen and making it more appealing can add significant value to your home.

5. Brighten the place up a bit 

In order to create an appealing light and airy feel, you should hang some beautiful mirrors throughout the house. If you do this in the smaller rooms, it can make the property feel larger.

Additionally, you should change all of your lightbulbs and consider placing lamps in any particularly dark corners to effectively brighten the place up.

6. Get the place smelling pleasant

Unclog all drains, wash your bins, open all of the windows, and allow the property to air out for a few days. You want your property to be smelling as clean and fresh as possible. Certainly, the smell from the fresh coat of paint will help, but you should still allow plenty of fresh air into the property.

If you have old curtains that might be clinging onto some odours, we’d recommend replacing them all with new sets.

When someone is viewing a potential house for sale, the last thing they want is to walk into a smelly property.

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