How to Edit a PDF in Google Drive

How to Edit a PDF in Google Drive

               As most office work is done from our laptops or phones, the different ways we connect and do business have also changed. This is true of how we chat, how we do business, and how we document and present our work. This is one reason Google and in this case, Google Drive has become such a vital part of many different industries. A lot of businesses use G-Suite as a way to host their website or platform, and Google Drive is where many companies are storing their information. Even though this is convenient, there still needs to be a way to edit your documents from Google Drive quickly and effectively. This is especially true of PDFs which require special editors in order to be altered. Google Drive has helped revolutionize data storage for companies, but the ability to access and edit this information is what will have the greatest effect going forward.

               So, the question then is: How do you edit a PDF in Google Drive? There are a few parts of the process that will be explained in greater detail, but before getting started, there are a few things to go over. Firstly, you should know what PDFs are and how they work. PDFs are image files that can be written on directly. This means that they can be very versatile and be used in several ways. To edit PDFs, you will need a special program called a PDF editor. There are many PDF editors available, but some are better than others. With your PDF editor chosen, you are ready to begin editing a PDF in Google Drive.

Preview Any PDF in Google Drive

               Before selecting the PDF you want to edit and upload it to a PDF editor, it might be a good idea to preview the PDF to make sure it is the correct one. There are often multiple files of the same type in a Google Drive account, so previewing can be a good idea. To do this, you just need to open your Google Drive account and choose the file or files you want to see. You will then see the file with your other documents, from there you will have the option to preview the PDF you wish to work with. While the preview window is open, you will not be able to interact or make changes to the PDF but rather just view and read it. Once you have found the correct file, you can continue to the process of editing.

Convert a PDF File to a Google Doc

               Even though Google Doc might not be specially built for conversion and PDF editing, it is still capable of doing it. To convert a document to a Google doc, the first thing you must do is to preview your document as explained before. Find your document and select it. From here you will be in the preview window and will be able to select open. Once you click open, you will be presented with some options. One option will be Google Docs. There might be some others if you have some third-party PDF editing applications installed but to convert the file to Google Docs, select the Google Docs option. From here the file will be automatically converted and you can begin to edit the file. You might notice some changes in regards to the image in regards to the PDF, this is because Google Doc is not built for this purpose but it can work if you do not have another option. If you want to edit more effectively and with more options, you should consider using a third-party PDF editing application.

Open PDF Files Using Third-Party Readers

               Since Google Doc is not the best program to use when editing a PDF, the other option is to use a third-party application or to be more specific, an online PDF editor or PDF editing software. There are many great ones to choose from. Some, however, work better than others and offer different tools. When working with documents from Google Drive though, Lumin PDF is the one that should be considered first. Lumin PDF is a great PDF editor when working with Google Drive because it is designed specifically to work with Google Drive. With Lumin PDF, you will be able to open a Google Drive document (convert it if needed), then go straight into the editing process. Unlike Google Docs, Lumin PDF will keep the initial format and graphics without glitches or major changes. Once you are finished, you can simply save the file back into the Google Drive account. This is a great tool if you work for a business and need to collaborate with colleagues when working on a document since they will be able to easily access the modified document. Besides Lumin PDF, there are some other helpful options.

               PDF editing software or online PDF editors are the best way to edit and manage PDFs, while not all of them work directly with Google Drive, they can still be used. Some like Adobe Acrobat do work with Google Drive but can be a bit on the expensive side compared to some others. PDFelement as well, but although it’s a more affordable option, it lacks some of the key features of Lumin PDF and Adobe Acrobat. Another option is Smallpdf which is a great service but does not work directly with Google Drive, so you will have to do some conversions to make it work. There are many other online PDF editors, but these are some of the more common ones.

               Google Drive is a great tool for businesses, schools, and individuals who want to keep their information secure while also having easy access to it. But while it can be easy to access, it is important to have the right tools to work with the documents on your Google Drive account. This is why having the right PDF editing application is so important. While it might be easier to edit a PDF in Google Docs, that does not mean it is the only way. Using third-party applications like Lumin PDF will upgrade your ability to edit PDFs and manage information within your or your businesses’ Google Drive account.

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