How to do SEO in your city?

How to do SEO in your city?

You need to take advantage of the fact that serious competition in search results is present only in large cities. In cities of 300-500 thousand towns, there is no significant competition for the top on search engine result page.

Basic checklist for regional website optimization

You’ve probably noticed Google and other search engines show only the local websites for some queries. For example, if you type “Pizza delivery” or “Dentist”, you will see only local websites and your website can be one of them.The search results for both queries contain only companies from the city where the user is located. It is clear that this is not because companies from your city are the leaders of the country in these areas. Google just determines your location and understands that you need pizza delivery in your city. This is called “regional SERP(search engine result page)” and SEO to promote websites in a region is called Local SEO.  The most important thing is to prepare your website for LOCAL SEO and maybe you don’t need to order SEO services.

Queries like above are called geo-dependent and search results will depend on the location of the user who entered these keywords.There are many geo-dependent queries, they are available for most businesses. A significant part of these requests are commercial.

Commercial keywords means that users who typed them in are interested in ordering a service or purchasing a product. Local SEO is based on website promotion in a specific region or city for geo-dependent commercial keywords.

What do you need to do for Local SEO?

There are the main points that need to be done to significantly improve the website position in Google.

1. The site should have a section “Contacts”, which will contain full contact information about the company.

Why is this needed? Very simple. Before you start promoting in your city, you need to help the search engine determine which city you are in. If this is not done, he himself may not be able to determine the city (especially if the site is made crooked) and will refer your site to another city. This will make the SEO pointless.
This is what should be on the site in the “Contacts” section:

The address. Index, city, street, house, office, Google map embedded on the page with a mark of your location, if you have an office with access to the street or a sign on the street then place the photo.

Phones. Telephone numbers of various divisions, all numbers are required with the country and city codes. The fax number will also not be superfluous, you also need to indicate it with the country and city code.

How to get there. Submit a list of buses, fixed-route taxis, by tram on which you can get to and a list of stops where you need to get off.

The search engine determines the geographic location of a company by a combination of a number of features: postal code, city phone codes, city and street names. Also, websites can be manually checked by people especially if you have a good position in Google. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. People look at how convenient information about a company’s contacts is on the page and manually assign ratings. Therefore, you need a map of the road, a list of transport on which you can get, etc.

2. Register the site in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
By registering your website in these services you give Google more information about your visitors and Search Engines can Easily realise their interests. It is also significant to your SEO and you can find some errors on your website as soon as they come up.

3. Register the website in the main local directories
Something like this: Google Addresses, Yellow pages. After registration, to the address that you specify as the address of the company, you will receive a paper letter with a code by mail from Google. Only by entering this code will you be able to complete the registration. Why is this needed? It helps search engines to determine the regional affiliation of the site and you can get some clients from them.

More tips:

There was basic information and essential tips you have to have done to get on the top in organic search. However, Local SEO is more complicated than it seems to be. The best way to get TOP-3 in organic results on Google is to hire SEO experts. Here is the link to an SEO company in Auckland, New Zealand which prices are really affordable and the result will surprise you in a good way.

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