How to Detect detect breast cancer Using Mammography

How to Detect detect breast cancer Using Mammography

Mammography is one way to detect breast cancer and give early detection. Even though mammography examination is not preventative, it is useful to save someone from a condition of breast cancer that is already very severe. 

Detecting breast cancer through mammography is done by taking X-ray images of each breast through a special instrument. From the mammography examination, it can be seen if there is some abnormal tissue in the breast.

Although found abnormal things in the breast, not necessarily it is cancer. Usually, the doctor recommends further tests to ensure this. This examination method is to detect the presence of cancer cells in the breast as early as possible. 

The Right Time to Check Mammography to Detect Breast Cancer Early

The sooner breast cancer cells are found, the faster the handling and treatment of breast cancer. Therefore, checking mammography is also good if it’s done routinely. The doctors recommend age of 40-44 years can do the early breast cancer screening through mammography.

At this age, mammography can detect if there are abnormal breasts in a woman. For women aged 45 – 54 years, it is advisable to begin routine mammography examinations. At the very least, do the inspection once a year. 

Only in women aged 55 years and over, mammography examination may be done every 2 years. However, those who want to continue checking once a year are allowed. Early detection of breast cancer is still recommended even if a woman looks healthy and wants to be healthy forever. 

Because check mammography can detect breast cancer early signs of breast cancer even though a woman has not felt any symptoms. Although it is recommended to check mammography regularly, it is not always a woman to continuously detect cancer. There is time to stop.

When to stop checking mammography because It is Useless

At the age of 75, a healthy woman may stop annual mammography checks. The U.S. The Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) says older women, who are over 75 years old, are not proven to have a potential cancer risk. Doing mammography at that age is no longer useful.

Besides the age factor, there are two conditions that make a person need to stop checking mammography. Old women with other medical conditions, such as stroke or heart disease. Especially if the diseases affect their physical and mobility.

Women who are diagnosed with low-grade breast cancer and are undergoing treatment to prevent the development of cancer. In this category, treatments that are being carried out reduce the risk of new breast cancer cells forming, so mammography is no longer necessary.

There are conditions for women to continue their mammography routines even though they detect breast cancer symptoms. The ASCO and the American Cancer Society says women who have had mastectomy or lumpectomy need to do mammography every year.

This is needed to detect whether the cancer cells are re-invading in the same breast or to detect the growth of new cancer cells in other breasts. So, mammography has an important role to detect breast cancer symptoms early and avoid the high risk.

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