How to Deep Clean your New Home Before Moving In

How to Deep Clean your New Home Before Moving In

Shifting to a new home is similar to a fresh start. But, giving a deep clean to your new house or apartment before you move in would be great. Whether you are renting or buying a new home, there is always a possibility of the presence of dirt & dust in it. No matter how well-intended people lived there before, they may unavoidably leave behind some dust, grime, and dirt. If you move into a newly constructed home, it may look like a clean slate, but it isn’t as clean as it appears. So, cleaning the house before you move in is the best thing to start your moving process.

Removing the dirt in an empty house is better than doing it in a house that is filled with all the heavy furniture and a bunch of packed boxes. If you have to clean your home after shifting, that’s fine, just don’t skip the cleaning process before settling everything.If needed, you could hire professional cleaning companies who provide  deep cleaning service Washington, DC to ensure every nook and corner of your house is rid of bacteria and viruses. Also,hiringprofessional movers and packers Navi Mumbai to ease the process of relocation would be the ideal solution to your moving woes.

You need to follow some steps to get your place clean, tidy, and shiny. Here are some tips that may really help you get going with this deep clean process.

Bathroom Cleaning

Starting your cleaning process with a bathroom is a great idea as there is a possibility of using the bathroom in the middle of house cleaning. So it is recommended to clean the bathrooms first. You can just start cleaning the bathroom with soapy water and a sponge. Get rid of dust from bathroom ceiling and light fixtures as they’re common places most people forget to clean in a normal bathroom cleaning. After completion of the entire process, disinfect the entire bathroom with antibacterial spray.

Pro Tip:

If you fail to clear the hard water stains on the taps and showerheads, just rub some lemon juice on them. Its acidic properties will help you to clean away all those stains easily.

Clean High Space First

Always opt to clean your home in a top to down approach. Before start cleaning the floors and shelves, check out the things that are close to ceilings like fans, top of the shelves, doors, and overhead lighting fixtures, as they are prone to collect lots of dirt and grime. If you skip cleaning them, later they sprinkle dust on your cleaned floors.


Use pillowcases to clean fans as this avoids raining down the dust. This way, the dust will be collected into the pillowcase.

Kitchen Cleaning

Once you are done cleaning all the ceiling of the house, move on to the kitchen. It is very necessary to deep cleanse the entire kitchen, as it is the place where we prepare and store our food. The kitchen may have some thick oil stains on the walls of kitchen tiles and also may be left with the formers’ cooking smell, which is very hard to get rid of. Wipe down all the kitchen surfaces, cabinet doors, shelves, and counters with hot soapy water.

Pro Tip:

Baking soda and vinegar are the power solution to clean thick, stubborn stains in the kitchen.

Clean Rest of the Space

After the completion of the big cleaning spaces like bathrooms, kitchen, you can start cleaning the remaining space. Don’t forget to clean everything in a top to down approach. Cleaning item by item is better than choosing to clean room by room. There are many overlooked surfaces you may forget like door tops, windows, doorknobs, light switches, and closet interiors. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean-up these spaces as it sucks all the dirt and dust that stuck inside them.

Pro Tip:

Try to clean the windows and doors in the shade of the sunlight. When the sun is at its height, it is difficult to identify grime and streaks.

Lastly Floor Cleaning

Finally, close the cleaning process with floor cleaning. Use a vacuum attachment to clean up all the corners, edges and sweep up all the remaining debris. Then finish the cleaning process with mopping with some surface cleaning liquids.

Pro Tip:

If you’re left with some grimy grout after all the cleaning, combine bleach and water in equal parts, apply the mixture on floor stains, leave it for an hour, and then scrub the stain completely.

In the process of relocation, if it is not possible to make time for cleaning your new home, don’t postpone the process let the professionals handle the cleaning before you step in. Almost all cleaning companies offer deep clean-up services for empty home cleaning as well as in your current place of residence. So, take professional assistance to get rid of each and every inch of dirt at your home and ensure you and your family live in a healthy environment.

Before moving in, it’s best to take the help of experienced packers and movers in Thane who are capable of taking full responsibility of your move. This way, you can stay stress-free from start to end of your relocation and utilize your time in taking care of other more important pre-move tasks like updating your new address in banks, post office and other important places, and also take care of your household utility services. With expert packing and moving, you will be able to relocate to your new home in no time and take their help to set up your place and start a new beginning at your new home.

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