How to decorate my kitchen?

How to decorate my kitchen?

In our homes today, without necessarily being the main room of the house, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is why its decoration implies choices by the lifestyle and the tastes of the whole family.

During a first installation or a complete renovation of the kitchen, the freedom of choice is almost infinite, even if some basic principles are essential, as elsewhere, in terms of decoration. However, it is also possible, with a few clever ideas and simple modifications, to give your kitchen a new look, at a lower cost.

Kitchen layout and decoration

The different styles of cooking

The type of kitchen layout is often dictated by constraints related to the available space or by the family way of life. The style of decoration chosen for the kitchen depends in part on these elements. An open plan kitchen or with a central island works particularly well with modern and contemporary interiors, but can also be adapted to a more rustic style. The important thing is that the kitchen part is in harmony with the rest of the space. Playing with color codes, volumes or perspectives is enough to indicate an informal demarcation and to recreate a more intimate and warmer kitchen area. False ceiling, mirrors, different floor coverings, there are many possibilities to help achieve this.

A functional kitchen

Of course, integrated kitchens often lack originality, but we must recognize that they have many advantages. In particular, they offer a large storage capacity and a large surface area for worktops. They allow the integration of household appliances and can be custom designed. To break the uniformity, however, do not hesitate to deliberately “mismatch” an overly formal ensemble. You can choose for this a patinated round table, an old-fashioned dresser, a sideboard on wheels, or a retro-style refrigerator. For worktops, rather than tiling, difficult to maintain, noisy and fragile, Formica, stainless steel, or waxed concrete, very trendy.

Decorative ideas for the kitchen

Customize your kitchen

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to design the kitchen of your dreams, you can easily add a personal touch to your decor. For example, you just need to change the handles of drawers and cupboards. Porcelain buttons will bring a very feminine touch to an overly austere ensemble and will light up a wood that is too dark. Metal handles will modernize your kitchen, bringing a more designer touch to the room. If you can’t redo the murals, feel free to resort to stencils or stamps to add a little more whimsy.

Take care of the lighting

For a light and bright kitchen, don’t neglect lighting, especially above the sink and hobs. Lights can also be an element of decoration and lend themselves well to the diversion of objects (crates, jars …). To make original and practical curtains, which will not obstruct the windows, cut a table runner in two parts and pass each half astride a light rod; you can hang clip weights at every angle to manoeuvre your curtains like blinds.

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