How to cut down a tall tree by yourself

How to cut down a tall tree by yourself

Trees are the next best thing in nature after the living mobile organisms. There is no end to the numerous benefits that trees give us, from increasing the property’s value to framing a scenic environment providing firewood. But sometimes, issues appear due to that very tree you are attached to, and you end up deciding to cut down a tree by yourself. 

Reasons for cutting down the tree

 Some of the most common reasons for cutting down the tree are as follows:

Storm damage is not surprising for storms to cause unrepairable harm to our property and even our trees.

You may need to put your tree down if the storm produced it to bend in a way that’s risking you, your family and friends, neighbors or can cause severe injury to your property. Hanging tree branches can also source severe injuries.

A diseased tree – a tall tree can be the flawless home for pests and diseases. However, that can turn terrible. The insects can transfer inside the house and damage your wooden possessions, including furniture. Worse, the pests can move to the other trees and pollute them with diseases. Unattended, these can result in a more important catastrophe for your plants. It is reducing your property’s value as trees can help increase your property’s worth.

But in some cases, the contradiction is true. If the trees are stalling the view of the scenic environment in your backyard, that is not just annoying but also bad for the home’s value. It spoils off the other trees – tall trees can stop the smaller, shorter ones from getting enough sunlight to cultivate properly. Hence, it is healthier to cut it down and create enough space for other plants to grow.

You no longer want that tree – Sometimes, you do not necessarily have a reason to cut down a tree yourself. Sure, it’s healthy and safe, but you do not love it anymore. You can either cut it down and get a lesser one in its stead or plant something else in that plant.

Knowing how to cut down a tree by yourself is vital. And it can make neighbors and friends not hesitate to ask you to offer the services. Safety is one of the essential things to take care of. There are other things to do as well. One must first check if there are any obstacles in the surrounding areas of the tree. The escape route around the tree must be cleared first before cutting down the huge tree. The lower branches of the tree you plan to cut must be removed first and then continued. The direction of the falling tree should be marked efficiently and carefully. If the tree is leaning in a particular direction, the area around that should be checked thoroughly. 


Tree falling can be a safe and easy procedure if the methods are clear and direct. The proper steps, if followed, can cut down of a tree by yourself a lot easier and more manageable. Sometimes a permit is necessary for cutting down a tree. The state regulations are sometimes important and should be checked upon. 

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