How to Cope Up With Sadness/Anxiety/Stress?

How to Cope Up With Sadness/Anxiety/Stress?

We all face our share of ups and downs. Professional and personal troubles are a part and parcel of everyday life. And everyone has their own way of coping up and dealing with the bad days. Some learn and try to move on with learning while others find themselves stuck and sulking with it. And the ones belonging to the latter category do often search for ways to cope up with sadness/anxiety and stress. 

Highlighting some of the effective ways to get over bouts of stress/sadness/and anxiety. 

1. Try to strike a balance: All work and no play make you a dull boy/girl. It may be hard but try to strike a work-life balance. If you are working five days a week, make sure to have fun at least on weekends. Your body and mind need rest for it to function properly. If you work a lot without any breaks you will find yourself irritated and stressed. It is the sign for you to take a break! 

2. Regular Exercise and Meditation: Moving your body increases blood circulation to the nervous system helping to flush out cortisol hormones. Whereas meditation also balances the central nervous system and keeps you happy. Exercise is one way of keeping physical stress at bay. You can incorporate in your daily routine a variety of exercises like yoga, pilates, aerobics, gymming or choose one that you like. 

3. Be Friends with Happy People: Vibes are transmissible. If you spend a lot of time with people who are constantly complaining about life miseries and troubles or the ones who seem to be doomed with sadness, you are bound to feel the vibes. Stay connected with people who live life happily. Spend them with those who believe in spreading cheerful smiles than gloomy faces. 

4. Order a Cake: Didn’t you know about this sweet way to keep the sadness at bay? Cakes are known to instantly uplift the mood because of the sugar (carbohydrates) that releases mood-improving serotonin. You can eat a blueberry cake because blueberries are antioxidants and contribute to lowering the levels of stress hormones in the body. The same is the effect of a chocolate cake. So when sad, go for online midnight cake delivery Pune and treat yourself, sweetly. 

5. Sleep Enough: Get enough sleep for the sake of your body and mind. Less than seven-eight hours of sleep will induce stress response keeping you irritable all day long. Stress is a harbinger of other health problems. You could fall prey to insomnia or hypertension, further making it worse for you. For goodnight sleep, switch off your phones, meditate before the bed, or light up some scented candles in the room for soothing fragrances. 

6. Play with your Pet: Clinical studies have shown that spending with furry or feline animals could be great for your body and mind. Pet owners have validated that they feel happy and joyful when around pets and that’s why it is called love is a four-legged word. You can play with your pet or someone else if you know. 

7. Go for a Vacation: Keep yourself away from stress by taking a vacation. It’s the best way to reset yourself and increase your mental and emotional outlook. Choose a picturesque location replete with greenery for a much-needed respite. Nature will heal you physically and psychologically. 

8. Indulge Yourself in Hobby: Do what you love doing and you will forget about the sadness. Trust us and try it will work for you. If you like gardening, reading, listening to music, or any other creative pursuit, please do it. All these hobbies are said to have a positive effect on the mind. 

9. Limit Alcohol: Limit alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine intake as these stimulate stress response making it worse for you in the long run. Well-nourished and salubrious bodies cope better with stress, so eat a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and drink water. 

10. Visit a Counselor or Therapist: If you feel sadness/anxiety/stress has become perineal in your life, do visit a counselor or therapist. Take timely medical advice and save your life from the dark phases of depression and other psychological diseases. 

Hope this will help you! 

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