How to check how much my car is worth

How to check how much my car is worth

Cars have become the new norm in society as more and more families have conveniently been able to afford a car these days. Car prices have been coming down for the people who would want to taste the luxury and convenience of having a car at home at their disposal.

For those who are into big fancy cars, a lot more varieties of cars are being introduced in the market. Car selling and buying is not limited to showrooms but also at an individual level. The Car Valuation Ireland offers is an easy technique to sell a person’s used car in the market where others are looking for a pre-owned car in good condition and which suits their particular needs.

Car valuation is an easy way to identify and value the car based on pre-set criterias that help sellers and buyers understand the worth of the car and make it easy for both the buyer and the seller to come to a mutual understanding.

What is Car Valuation? How is it done?

Car Valuation is an easy technique used all over the world to help sellers and buyers to know the approximate worth of the car and use it as a range to comfortably sell or buy the car in the pre-owned car market. Car Valuation Ireland is very popular in the country as there are more and more sellers and buyers of used cars in the market these days.

It is considered more economical to sell used cars in the used car market as sellers are able to get better prices when they deal directly. The same goes for buyers, as they can select from a wide variety of sellers and buy the car that fits their choices and their budget in the most efficient manner.

Car Valuation is done on a set of factors that help in examining and valuing the car’s worth. These are the very same factors that will be used by buyers and sellers when they are trying to sell the car or buy the car as these factors are important when someone tries to trade a car.

Car Valuation Checkpoints

There is a checklist that many car valuation companies hold who can help buyers and sellers analyze their options by weighing the car’s details against those checkpoints. Below are some of the factors that help in establishing the worth of a car:

  1. The Age of the Car

The manufacturing year and the registration of the car are considered to be some of the most important factors as it lets the seller and buyer weigh the car’s age against this factor, the newer the car the faster it sells.

  • The Mileage on the Car

The number of miles the car has done is very important as the lower the mileage the newer the car is considered to be.

  • The Condition of the Car

This refers to both the exterior and the interior. Cars in great shape with no exterior scratches or dents and neat and clean interiors are easy to sell in the market.

  • Previous Owners

The number of previous owners of the car matters as the higher the number of previous owners, the more the car is used and hence has less value in the pre-owned market.

  • Service History

A car with good and clean service history and no accidental claims or damage moves very quickly in the market.

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