How To Buy A High-quality Treadmill On Cheap/ Everything You Need To Know

How To Buy A High-quality Treadmill On Cheap/ Everything You Need To Know

When you have been saving money to buy a treadmill and you are finally ready, you still want to save some money and find a cheap one. Still, it is not necessarily about the money but a quality one at cheap. You can always find a good treadmill on sale and many others at cheap prices but remember, while there are so many advantages of getting a treadmill for your budget, there are also some drawbacks you need to know. 

You have probably heard the saying ‘cheap is expensive’. Here are some of the drawbacks you can get for cheap treadmills;

  • More often than not, especially if you go for second-hand treadmills, you will suffer poor quality. Most cheap treadmills are usually not of high quality.
  • You might also have to deal with low and weak power.
  • It is not always durable
  • Fewer features
  • It may not be suitable for heavy runners
  • less sturdy
  • steep incline

However, this is not to mean that all cheap treadmills are of poor quality. With advanced technology and the different types of treadmills in the market today, everything is made available and affordable for everyone and there is something for every budget. All you need to do is to look for the features you need and determine the quality.

Things To Look For Before You Swipe Your Card

So you have seen a treadmill on sale and you want to seize the opportunity, don’t get over-excited just yet. Check out for these features and qualities before you say yes.

Ease of Use

The treadmill should feature things that you can easily use and with safety. While evaluating a treadmill, here are some of the things to pay attention to, to see how easy it is to use;

  • Fast and easy to use buttons. Treadmills come with multiple different buttons and you want to make sure they are all functioning fast and efficiently. Make sure you can change the speed or the incline instantly. While this is for safety, it is also for your workout plan; if you are training by intervals.
  • Make sure the phone shelf or screen is well positioned. Some treadmills have inbuilt monitors. Make sure the one you are going for is well-positioned and at eye-level. You shouldn’t need to strain your neck to watch the screen while running. Also make sure the shelf is stable lest your phone runs with you.


You also want to test how loud or quiet the treadmill is. This will also depend on what part of your house you are going to place the treadmill. If you live in a small apartment, you might want to go for the quieter ones, especially if your neighbours are nearby.


Since treadmills are not a cheap investment, you want to make sure you get one that will last you longer. Make sure that the treadmill is stable, sturdy, great horsepower, and more. You can put the speed or miles and see if it wobbles. This will indicate just how durable the treadmill is.


There are many treadmills that also come with multiple smart features. This may not be necessary but if you need them, you also want to make sure you do some inspections. It may be programmed workouts, WI-FI connection, third-party apps syncing, Bluetooth-headphone connections, and more.

Apart from smart features, you also want to check the safety features.  This includes handrails, or emergency cord you might want to pull to an emergency stop the belt.

The Belt

This is also an important feature you need to carefully evaluate. Check the size to make sure it is wide and long enough to particularly suit you, especially if you are a fast runner. Walkers can do perfectly with a narrow or short belt. If you are a sprinter and taller, you might need a longer belt to fit your stride.

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