How Safe Are Self Driving Cars?

How Safe Are Self Driving Cars?

Self-driving cars are mostly made to provide safety benefits to people in the coming years as the automotive world continues to grow. The question at hand is, how safe is safe enough? Examples like the Tesla accident have shown that autonomous vehicles are not 100% safe. However, they are coming with another level of safety. The article discusses reasons why people should consider self-driving cars as a safe method of transportation.


Automated cars are able to operate only in easy environments. The cars can work effectively on highways, which are prone to fewer accidents, unlike on country roads, which are usually wet. The companies should do testing in a different environment to know the risks at hand and develop programs that will overcome the situation.

Data protection

When cars talk to each other private information of the owner is revealed to the public. In this case, network protocols are easily hacked by hackers. To prevent such, automated cars have protection from general data protection regulations. It is also advisable to delete any data or information that is no longer in use to prevent one from tracking details through your previous data.

Communication Between Humans and the System

To provide the safety of the people, automated cars are designed in a manner that can identify human limitations. This applies to humans too. They need to know when the system is down and in what cases they should take over. There is direct communication between the driver and the car through the human-machine interaction interface. This enables the car to tell the driver what to do and what not to do and this ensures safety.


The fact that the automated car is programmed means that it is safe because the car is able to detect what humans cannot. For example, they react quickly to prevent collusion during bad weather and at night. Humans tend to get tired when driving, and this is not the case with the car. This reduces traffic deaths.

Advanced Driver Assistant System

This system helps in assisting the driver in braking and acceleration. Lane-keeping assistants and autonomous emergency brakes are among the safety measures operation in the system that helps to prevent unnecessary accidents by avoiding human errors.

Improvement of Air Quality

Self-driving cars use electricity rather than the fuel. This is safe for the community since no internal combustion of air takes place. This prevents air pollution and global warming, which improves the health conditions of people and the animals in diverse. 

Automated cars can be said to be safer for the environment.

Reduces Car Theft

Through the automated alarms set in the car and the ability of the car to detect danger, automated vehicles are not easy to steal. This is unlike human-driven cars. This increases the safety of the cars and reduces the number of thefts.


Considering the processes that have been taken to ensure the self-driving cars are safe as shown above, it can be concluded that the cars are safer than normal cars. If technology offers an effective way of transportation, then people should embrace it. These vehicles are environmentally sustainable, and that means they should be accepted.

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